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PEMF Therapy for horses


PEMF Therapy for horses

For quite a few years now, PEMF therapy for equines has been used as a way to help improve the health of racehorses.

This form of therapy has been used among humans for just as long, and we all can certainly benefit from regular pulsed electromagnetic therapy. But when it comes to horses in particular, PEMF therapy can have some serious longevity and energy benefits.

But what exactly is PEMF therapy? Is it safe for horses? Let’s take a look at the basics and how Sentient Element devices can radically change the healing process for racehorses and stable horses alike.


How Exactly Does PEMF Therapy Work?

PEMF, or “pulsed electromagnetic field” therapy, is a form of therapy that utilizes electromagnetic coils. These coils push out magnetic fields in a pulsating fashion, which are then applied to one’s body.

The magnetic fields can be tweaked to fall into specific waveforms and frequencies that are known to improve the rate of muscle recovery and overall performance.

The theory surrounding PEMF therapy has been researched for over seventy years and there are a significant number of research studies and trials that focus on the effectiveness of electrotherapy.

For humans, PEMF therapy is a popular non-invasive treatment for anti-aging, pain reduction, nitric oxide production, cellular repair, and more.

Whether PEMF therapy is used for human beings or horses, it’s very important to note that there are absolutely no negative effects when it comes to using or administering PEMF therapy. That includes no side effects and no potential internal reactions, which makes PEMF therapy an extremely non-invasive treatment for a variety of issues.

Just as well, the person holding the PEMF applicator against the horse’s body for a therapy session may also notice some therapeutic effects on themselves.

If the magnetic field or frequency chosen is a little too strong or uncomfortable, one can simply lower the frequency on their PEMF device. For those who are administering PEMF therapy to a horse (which will often have to be set at a higher frequency than what a human would prefer), wearing gloves can reduce discomfort.

So what effects does PEMF therapy have on equines in particular, and how do those effects differ from what humans experience?


Using PEMF Therapy for Equines

Equine magnetic therapy will give one’s horse a significantly better chance at total recovery after an illness or injury. Just as well, this form of therapy is excellent for racehorses who may be a little sore or uncomfortable after a race.

This is because PEMF therapy stimulates healing and bone repair, just like it does for humans, according to a 1991 study on electromagnetic stimulation of bone repair. The student applied PEMF therapy to six horses and did not apply PEMF therapy to two others.

The PEMF coils were applied to the damaged left metacarpal bones of the six horses over a period of sixty days. By the end of the study, the amount of bone formed during those two months were significantly greater for the PEMF-treated horses than the horses who were not treated with PEMF therapy.

“These preliminary findings indicate that PEMFs at low frequency influence the process of bone repair on both diaphysis and metaphysis, and seem to improve the process of bone repair in skeletal regions normally having a lower osteogenetic activity, i.e., in diaphyses as against metaphyses,” reads the study’s abstract.


Along with the overall health and wellness benefits, PEMF therapy is a must-have for horses that could benefit from enhanced racing performance.

Even veterinarians will apply PEMF treatment for equines at racetracks, as well as non-sports equines that may experience illness or injury at ranches and farms. PEMF therapy has been proven to even help the overall recovery and end results of bone grafts and epicondylitis, which horses who are injured in a race can significantly benefit from.

There’s also the added benefit of mental wellness. Anyone who owns horses knows that horses can get depressed when traveling. PEMF therapy has been proven to improve mental health in equines due the brain health effects it provides, specifically neuro-regenerative effects that stimulate brain repair and recovery of lost function.

Overall, PEMF therapy devices are a must-have when treating a horse for an open wound, a recent surgery, soft tissue strains, bone-related injuries, infections, chaffing, and mental wellness.

PEMF therapy is not a “miracle” cure for injuries that require surgery, but their use during subsequent healing can significantly speed up the healing process and aid in getting better end results.


Sentient Element as a PEMF Therapy for Horses Solution

For horse owners that are ready to take the plunge and give PEMF devices a try, one particularly useful product to start with is Sentient Light’s Sentient Element PEMF device.

When compared to other popular brand devices, Sentient Element matches their quality and then some. Sentient Light is passionate about sharing as much information about PEMF therapy with the world as possible, which is why we make sure to include as much information about our product specs as possible.

The Sentient Element system has a maximum system power of 2,500 watts and a system amplifier range of 2 - 22,000 Hz. You won’t find anything similar from other big PEMF therapy brands such as AmpCoil and PEMF120, mostly because their parent companies have opted to not share such important information.

The safety of your horses is also a major priority for Sentient Light. Our products have a built-in onboard timer, overheat and amplifier overdrive protection, and a lifetime warranty to ensure you get the most out of your PEMF therapy device.

Ready to learn more about Sentient Element as a PEMF therapy for horses? Explore our products page to investigate the features of our Sentient Element products and accessories.

If you are interested in learning how to use our Sentient Element PEMF device and more about how the science behind it works, visit our website today!

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