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PEMF Therapy for Athletes and Sports performance

PEMF Therapy for Athletes and Sports performance

Peak performance and athletic fitness are not a luxury but a necessity for players associated with high-momentum sports like basketball, soccer, baseball and cricket. These games require players to perform at the best of their abilities and skill.

To achieve this performance level, athletes do strenuous workouts, sometimes more than their bodies can handle. Even if the training is adequate, physical exertion causes muscle fatigue that requires an appropriate amount of time to heal and recover.

Athletes to gain full recovery and thrive quickly when proper attention is provided to them through right exercises and medications – but that’s also true that permitting sufficient time to recover when taking part in a highly prestigious sporting competition can quite be a challenging task. 

After partaking in sporting events, athletes generally requires around two to three days to recover. Athletics overexert their bodies in competitive events that takes its toll.

Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy or PEMF therapy is a safe, non-invasive treatment used before training to elevate athletic performance and decrease risk of getting an injury due to rigorous physical exertion and competition. PEMF therapy is also beneficial for treating injuries when they do occur.


How PEMF Therapy Helps Sports Performance

Decades ago, people noticed that Olympic athletes from Russia and Eastern European countries would always be at the top form and shape, even after post-competition. Their secret was found that they were using PEMF therapies to recuperate from the physical exertion quickly. 

Deep brain stimulation, such as PEMF devices, is perfectly legal in the Olympics and in many other professional sports competitions. It is not deemed as doping, since no chemical substances are administered to the athlete's body.

PEMF devices utilize the body's neuron charges to repair and recuperate cells and tissues that help in relieving stress, muscle tension, and diminish lactic acid in muscles. Most famous athletes around the globe use PEMF devices in their regular training and wellness regimen. 

With the help of PEMF therapy, athletes can improve their performance and recuperate injury much faster. It is a well-known fact that PEMF therapy gives a burst of energy. Not only that, but PEMF therapy also contributes to elevation of the condition of muscles, tissues, joints, and blood flood and stimulates clear thinking.

PEMF devices enhance standing balance, signifying a finely tuned and versatile nervous system. It is a comprehensive approach for athletics to be at the top of their game. PEMFs enable and increase the muscles' oxygen intake, leading to significant improvement in muscle performance and endurance. PEMFs render better and much stronger muscle stimulation as opposed to electrical stimulation and help in elevating torque muscle contractions with less inconvenience.

As per research, there is substantial improvement of up to 50% in Visual Analog Scale (VAS) pain. That's quite an improvement, considering the rigorous competition, even a mere 1% of a performance enhancement can be crucial for winning and losing. 

Magnetic stimulation helps muscles to work harder and for a more extended period, and recuperate faster. Muscles that are used in strenuous training and competitive levels are prone to spasms. One of the significant advantages of magnetic field therapy is to alleviate muscle spasms by activating the release of nitric oxide. 


Decreased Risk and Quicker Healing from Injury


Preliminary studies have suggested various benefits for athletes in using PEMF therapy to recuperate faster from injury. The PEMF devices activate the body's self-regulating functions of natural healing that help achieve optimal performance, boost healing time, and decrease the risk of getting injured.

Research also suggested that PEMF helps in regaining joint strength, which leads to faster recovery, and enhances overall performance. Although all physically challenging sports require muscular, joint strength, it's a major constituent of physical superiority and thus crucially significant for professional bodybuilders and weight-lifters. 

Several studies have shown that PEMFs activate a process called myosin phosphorylation, which generates a boost of energy in muscle. Phosphorylation generates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), vital for cell energy. When ATP is reduced, it causes the muscles to weaken; it is generally caused by physical exertion.

Therefore a proper rest is crucial after strenuous training as it helps in restoring ATP. PEMFs contribute to restoring ATP faster through the generation of myosin phosphorylation that decreases the recuperating time. 

Athletic training can affect a protein known as heat shock (or heat stress) protein. When cells are depleted through constant heating, they stimulate heat stress protein. Experts have discovered that mild stimulation techniques, including PEMFs, can stimulate heat stress proteins prior to any possible damage.

A study conducted using magnetic devices to induce heat stress proteins in the heart muscle before conducting an open heart surgery. The initial findings suggest that stimulation of these proteins reduces the chances of muscle damage during the surgery, and helps in improving recovery. 

Participating in any type of athletic competition comes with its fair share of risks of getting injured. Most commonly, these injuries occurred due to overexertion of muscles and inadequate training techniques. Most athletes overtrain and push themselves to the limits regardless of suffering from an injury - making the injury more severe. 

Many athletes are prone to a concussion, which is one of the common injuries in a sporting event. Several studies suggest the benefits of using PEMF therapy for quicker recovery from concussion. Prevention of injury is always the top priority, and if it does occur, PEMF therapy can help it heal sooner.

The PEMF therapy also plays a vital role in sports nutrition as it offers a regenerative effect on gut health and nutrient absorption. Many sports nutritionists who consult professional athletes may have clients expecting more than just nutrient consultation, they seek performance and energy enhancing strategies.

quicker healing


Research on PEMF Therapy for Athletes and Sports Performance

In a clinical trial conducted on a mice in order to examine PEMF therapy to see how it could be utilized to expedite the healing process in rotator cuff injuries. The study revealed that when administered with PEMFs, recoveries were observed without any undesirable reactions.

Another double-blind clinical trial randomly conducted to find the potential of PEMF therapy in relieving pain in subjects with chronic musculoskeletal pain also resulted positive. 

Athletes are prone to chronic pain because of overexertion of muscles and joints; however, this excruciating pain can be diminished through the regular usage of PEMFs. It allows both recreational and professional athletes to fully enjoy and participate in their athletic regimen without any worries of getting injured. 

Other studies have also suggested that the capability of PEMF therapy to heal fractures is faster as it treats soft tissue injuries; including tendonitis, strains, and sprains.


How PEMF Therapy Works To Improve Performance

Electrical signals stimulate the chemical reactions inside your body, enabling cells to work more efficiently. Therefore, PEMF therapy stimulates the cells to increase energy production and prevents cellular breakdown.

The therapy also increases the supply of oxygen to the blood and tissues that leads to improvements in overall performance and endurance. It also contributes to proper depletion of lactic acid that helps in soothing sore muscles. 

Injuries and tissue tension (edema) impedes the ability of tissues to receive the nutrients and oxygen they require. Ice is most often used to treat swelling of muscles, but it only works superficially and doesn't heal deep swelling or bruising in the muscles. On the contrary to ice that freezes and harms tissues, PEMFs penetrate deeply into the tissues without causing damage to the superficial tissues in the process.

Since the PEMFs help in reducing swelling, it removes the blood from the affected area much faster that leads to quicker recuperation process and allows the athlete return to training for the sporting event. Treatment before the damage has been done to the tissues is always the top priority, because when it happens, it’ll take a longer period to heal. 

Tremendous amounts of famous professional and Olympic athletes, such as baseball, football, basketball players make use of PEMF therapy as a daily part of their training, wellness, recovery, and performance enhancement regimen. Few of well-known names include NFL players Garrison Hearst and Terrell Owens, an ex-Red Sox outfielder, Olympic Gold Medalist and US Swim Team Brendan Hansen, former lightweight boxing champion Carlos Palomino, and 2015 Cy Young Award Jake Arrieta.

There are numerous reasons why so many famous athletes are adapting PEMF therapy because of its effectiveness on their performance. The Phoenix Suns, a basketball team, even made investment in a PEMF device of their own.

Another major reason for athletes to own a PEMF machine is utilize it in their routine workout regimen. Once you buy the PEMF device, it can be used for multiple situations. It will make it much easier as you’d be able to use it for regular training regimen, injury recovery. The diverse range of usage of PEMFs makes it a prudent investment for athletes competing at any level. 


Even The Great Shaq Uses PEMF Device

One of the biggest pitchmen and most celebrated players in NBA history, Shaquille O'Neal, was well-known to dunk the basketball and score from close range. In February 2008, when he joined Phoenix Suns from the Miami Heat, he also brought with him a PEMF device that helps him to be in the best shape and form. 

Head Athletic Trainer of Phoenix Suns also claimed that "Shaq had been using one." He further said, "He'll tell you he had no clue how it worked or exactly what it was supposed to do, but he felt better when he used it."


Determining the Ideal PEMF Therapy For Athletes and Sports Performance

The PEMF machines decrease pain and swelling, reduces the irritability of nerves, stimulates DNA and RNA to balance the cell membrane charge, soothes soreness of muscles, enhances blood circulation, detoxifies your body, induces cell damage repair, reverse jet lag, and induces sleep.

Moreover, PEMFs work similar to acupuncture and reflexology in the body. 

Although specific injuries need to be localized, targeted therapy to recover athletes, however, can take advantage of PEMF therapy in various ways, even without any injuries to happen. It's not cost-efficient or prudent to buy a myriad of units that covers a wide range of localized therapy, which you may require at a certain point.

Most athletes instead own a portable, battery-powered system, a robust local system, and a robust whole body system. Therefore, it's best to own machines that induce an overall response to your brain and body. Using a PEMF machine on a regular basis as a precautionary measure, it allows your body what it requires, and how to respond at certain times.

Enhanced functions of muscles are highly significant for all athletes, all the time. When muscles continuously work in the same manner for a more extended period, allowing you to maintain, enhance, and maximize performance in your respective sport. In addition, it doesn't only increase your chances of winning, but also it reduces the chances of getting injured and contributes to recovering your body more quickly if it occurs.

Use a whole-body PEMF machine pre and post workouts, training, tryouts, or competition to reap all the benefits.



PEMF devices can be virtually used for all sports. Sports rehab centers, clinics, gyms, and athletes should include PEMF therapy as a comprehensive approach to their wellness regimen. Health and exercise science should also shed some light on our cells' electromagnetic functions and utilize it to improve sports performance. 

Injury mitigation and performance enhancement should go together for quicker recuperation and be at best, shape, and form. Sports trainers should also have the know-how about this innovative technology to improve the overall performance of sports professionals and lengthen their clients' professional careers. 

If athletic workouts and participation in sporting events are what you do, regardless of the level of competition, PEMF therapy can help achieve and maintain your top potential and form. No matter if you require recovery or improved energy during strenuous workouts or suffer an injury and seek to decrease the downtime needed so you can workout again.

To learn more about how PEMF devices can contribute to a sporting career, call us today at 208-512-7775 or ask a query. With regular usage of PEMF devices, you may discover athletic performance way beyond your imagination!

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