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Single Coil Vs Dual Coil

SENTIENT ELEMENT's coil design is among the most advanced. The magnetic field produced by PEMF coils will vary greatly based on their size. Just like with speakers producing a sound field.

You would not expect to be able to play music to a room full of people with a set of ear buds. They are just too small to hear unless they are right in your ear.

With PEMF coils, the same holds true for magnetic field. If you want the field to penetrate deep into your body where it is needed, it must be large enough to create a large magnetic field.

While intensity goes deep, the larger surface area will cover more parts of your body. Our dual coil system that can give you twice the coverage of the pulsed electromagnetic field. Dual coil system is also equivalent to having a bio-mat

Best PEMF machine available and at the most reasonable price. Purchasing with the second coil is best. Nothing else on the market compares especially with two coils! Two thumbs way, way up! Thanks Larry!

- Joe Kegler

Sentient Elemenet Classic Video

One Complete Package

Portable System is built into a rugged hard shell carry case


SENTIENT ELEMENT's chassis is one of the most powerful units on the market, yet the chassis is one of the smallest in size. This will allow you to have the unit set up and ready to use at all times since it will comfortably fit on a nightstand or end table.


SENTIENT ELEMENT's coil design is among the most advanced. It is engineered to make the most of the chassis’s power and abilities. Made slightly oval to better fit over the head, and slightly curved to better wrap comfortably contoured to the body, it will deliver the magnetic field where you want it and at the levels you need it.

Remote Frequency Device

A remote frequency device allows you to generate frequencies with an external device like phone, tablet, or laptop. Being the most convenient way to control frequencies for your PEMF therapy without downloading any app or program, it allows you to choose a frequency from the internet and play at your own place and time.

Technical Specifications

System Voltage: 120v AC

Maximum System Power: 2500w

Frequency Range: 7-10,000 hz ***

Peak continuous gauss: 350*

Wave Form: any **

Amplifier over drive, System overheat and Thermal circuit breaker protection

Number of Programs: Thousands , depending on software

Max. number of frequencies at one time: Depends on program used

Chassis & Coil

 Chassis Size: 10-5/8"W x 8-3/8"H x 15-1/2"D

 Chassis Weight: 30 lbs

 Coil Size: 10.75"*11.25"oval

 Coil Weight: 10 lbs

 Coil Cross Section: 1.5"*1.5" square

 Coil Lead Length: 12 ft.


 Limited Lifetime

Return Policy

Sentient Element has a 20% Restocking Fee for the first month and 10% each month thereafter. This allows one to use it as a rental with the Restocking Fee applied.

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