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  • Please allow ONE week for delivery
  • The Classic Price is now $3,900, easier to use Panel, Upgraded.
  • We are building the Classic version now (One Week Build Time)
  • No Failure Patented Design. 
  • Includes Future Software Application with Database.
  • New "International Version" 120/240 Volt.







  • Description
  • Technical Specs
  • Remote Frequency Device

Pulse Electromagnetic Field therapy has been used since the 1960s. Today there are over twenty thousand reviews and studies showing how beneficial PEMF is. With the Earth Field Collapse, PEMF therapy, in a nutshell, Replicates and Amplifies the earth’s natural magnetic field and its natural frequencies. It facilitates healing and re-energized your cells by boosting ATP, un-coagulating the blood, charging the body with bio-photons, and opening the cell walls for facilitating removal of waste and providing an intake of nutritional ions through cell membranes. Thus, focusing on the root cause of almost all ailments at the cellular level. NASA discovered that life would not exist without these natural earth magnetic fields. Studies also determined astronauts need the earth’s magnetic field and frequencies for bone growth and immune system support. The International space station is fitted with PEMF devices for this reason. It is FDA approved for bone regeneration, pain, headaches, sports medicine, post-surgery, physical therapy, brain cancer, Regenerative Medicine, and neurological disorders such as depression.

The SENTIENT ELEMENT is one of the most powerful,portable and affordable PEMF devices for sale on the market allowing you to choose from long, low-intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high-intensity sessions, or anything in between. Our goal was to create the most powerful and properly designed hardware devices on the market at the best possible price. We believe we have succeeded in reaching our goal.With the SENTIENT ELEMENT, you use a remote device, such as a tablet, to input a frequency, or frequencies, from a wide variety of programs and apps available online.

First, the Sentient Element has now been re-created to be the most versatile and most powerful Device on earth for the common office or common home circuit can provide.

1) Here is why? Ordinary or typical house wiring has a 15 amp or 20-amp circuit for the 120-volt North American electrical systems. The Element is designed with a 2500-watt one-ohm stable amplifier. Your 20-amp house circuit is 2400 watts, this makes the Element more powerful than the largest 120-volt (20 Amp) circuit in your home...!

2) Operational Frequencies range from 7Hz to 10,000Hz. Our Earth coil is designed to work extremely efficient from 3Hz to 2,500Hz. We have other coil designs that work in higher ranges, soon to be released for other purposes.

3) We have over 350 continuous Gauss which translates to 150,000 Gauss if we were to cheat and measure the one-millisecond pulse as our competition does. Our Element is a 50/50 duty cycle just like what our God-given natural earth field provides. Now our earth field is crashing exponentially.

System Voltage

120/240v AC

Maximum System Power


continuous gauss


Chassis Size

10-5/8"W x 8-3/8"H x 15-1/2"D

Chassis Weight

30 lbs.

Coil Size


Coil Weight

10 lbs.

Coil Cross Section

1.5"*1.5" square

Coil Lead Length

12 ft.

Wave Form

any **

Frequency Range

3-10,000 hz ***

Amplifier over drive protection


System overheat protection


Thermal circuit breaker protection


Onboard Timer

NO, not needed (signal generator

program controls time)

Number of Programs

thousands , depending on software

Max. number of frequencies

at one time

depends on program used




The SENTIENT ELEMENT chassis It is one of the most powerful units on the market, yet the chassis is one of the smallest in size. This will allow you to have the unit set up and ready to use at all times since it will comfortably fit on a nightstand or end table.

The PEMF SENTIENT ELEMENT chassis. It is one of the most powerful units on the market, yet the chassis is one of the smallest in size. This will allow you to have the unit set up and ready to use at all times since it will comfortably fit on a nightstand or end table.
  • Our 2500 watt power supply is enough for deep penetration of the magnetic field.
  • Can easily be set for lower power levels for longer gentle therapy (sessions while sleeping).
  • The 9"w x 7"h x 14"d size is the smallest in the industry for any system with this much power.
  • Small enough package to fit anywhere, allowing daily use by being always set up.
  • Reliable system with built in protection to prevent overheating and over driving the amplifier.
  • Will produce 292 continuous gauss of magnetic field at the coil.


The SENTIENT ELEMENT coil with an Awesome Cover The coil design is among the most advanced. It is engineered to make the most of the chassis’s power and abilities. Made slightly oval to better fit over the head, and slightly curved to better wrap comfortably contoured to the body, it will deliver the magnetic field where you want it and at the levels you need it.

pemf element

  • Tuned for optimal wide range performance.
  • Has a frequency range of 7 hz to 10,000 hz.
  • Made in our facility to achieve high standards and quality control.
  • Slightly oval shape to fit over the head more comfortably.
  • Slightly curved to better contour to the body.


Why a remote frequency device? This is really just a technical way of saying an external device, such as a tablet, laptop, or smart phone with a program or app downloaded to generate the frequencies. We believe this is the best way to create and control the frequencies you wish to use for PEMF sessions.

First and foremost because it allows you to always be “up to date” with the latest frequencies or sets of frequencies for a particular health issue, unlike systems with onboard frequencies that are locked in with older information.

Secondly, we know that most people already own a suitable piece of hardware to download programs or apps onto, so why make you pay for something you already have? Even without downloading a program or app, you can simply play a frequency directly from the internet. Sites like YouTube have hundreds of frequencies to choose from that people have created for the benefit of everyone.