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Duration for each frequency in your PEMF session


Duration for each frequency in your PEMF session


This article goes out to Katie, who asked the question of how long each frequency should be in duration for a PEMF session. Others have been bantering it about too, and there seems to be no “general consensus”, at least that I can find or any other writer sights, that can be used as a “go to” source for this information.

Since there seems to be no consensus, I will do my best to put together the puzzle pieces, do the math, gather the different sightings, and generally answer the question as best I can.

So far, the only sighting I have found, although people say there are other sightings out there (I just can’t find them and those saying they exist are not coming forth with any links, book titles, etc. to show where they are seeing such), is from Nenah Sylver’s book, “The Rife Handbook of Frequency Therapy and Holistic Health” ** and there she only addresses “rifing” or plasma machines. Time frames with plasma machines may or may not translate directly to PEMF so I won’t quote what she has to say in this regard, but the principle of knowing the factors that should be considered in determining session durations are universal so I can quote her on these.

Dr. Sylver says, “…there are so many variables that influence the transfer of energy in the body, both between cells and within the cells. Some of these variables include your body chemistry, diet (amounts of nutrients and salts consumed), the severity of your condition, and your stamina. Other factors include the unit you’re using, the penetration power of the frequencies, and even the time of day that you are rifing. These circumstances vary not only between rifers, but even with the same person over time.”

To Dr. Sylver’s list, I would add your hydration level, your detoxification protocols, and even your state of mind. There are undoubtedly additional factors that should be considered.

What information can we find that comes from someone who should have the knowledge and are not associated with any particular machine? The first I can think of is FreX16. Knowing that Ken Uzzell, the author of FreX16 is a clinician, not just a programmer, and does not sell or endorse any particular machine gives me some confidence he knows what he is talking about, or at the least that it’s not based on the prejudice of knowing the limitations of his own product.

FreX16 frequency sets default to 300 seconds, or 5 minutes for each frequency in the set. In some sets there is additional information in the description area of the set that indicates different time lengths are appropriate for particular frequencies.

The author of Z-App, who is not a clinician but is a brilliant young researcher and programmer also uses 300 seconds per frequency as the default in that program. However, as we look through the frequency sets in Z-App, it becomes pretty apparent the sets were copied from FreX16.

Other than those two programs, I can find nothing in terms of default settings for time. Virtually all of the other signal generator programs don’t have any pre-sets in frequency or duration, or ones that are at least viewable and/or settable.

Because of this limitation of sources, let’s add in a source that is associated with a particular machine and let them weight in. To get a proper and translatable reference, we need to at least limit our selection of sources with their own brand of machine to ones with machines of the same type and power level of the ELEMENT. That leaves only one, the Doug Machine, or Doug Coil as it’s sometimes called.

Beyond the Doug Coil, there simply is no other machine (for home use) that comes close to the power level and frequency range of the ELEMENT. I have not been able to find anything published by Doug MacClean or directly connected to the Doug Coil. The closest I have is the page posted here by Donna.

I have gone through the page and the website it comes from. In the end it is a website that was completely written by one person. She does not say where her information regarding duration times of 15 seconds, wait a week, then 30 seconds, etc. comes from, so unfortunately, it is no more (nor less) valid than if I made a claim here on my blog that every frequency should be run for at least 10 minutes! There is value in this page, however. You can take it as one real person’s experience and what seemed to work for her…but remember, everyone is different and you are the only one who can balance the variables mentioned above.

Where does all of this leave us for making a determination? Sadly, it leaves us with experimentation, faith that the only independent place we can find duration (FreX16) is from knowledge and experience, and one other factor. That factor is the relatively recent statements that if you are using a microbe frequency, you need to run it for at least 3 minutes.

I have been able to corroborate this from more than one unrelated sighting, Dr. Sylver being one of them. I’ll add to this that I can find no sighting anywhere of detrimental effects of running too long of a session, only that shorter sessions are sufficient. However, there is plenty out there discussing the adverse effects of too short a session, anywhere from just being ineffective to being a stimulant to the very things we are trying to remove (microbes and cancers mainly).

For me, I just run the FreX16 default time of 300 seconds per frequency and have receive great results.