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Larry Langdon
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What is the right PEMF machine for me?

There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the PEMF machine that is right for you. When considering different machines, you need to look at it as a complete system; the chassis or electronic part that creates the signal, and the coil or mat that reproduces the magnetic field from the signal the chassis is sending to it.

Another factor to keep in mind is that “disease” breaks down into two basic categories; those arising from pathogens coming from outside the body, and those from deficiencies arising from within the body. This is important to understand because the frequencies needed to assist with each type of disease are in completely different areas of the total range of helpful frequencies. Because disease breaks down into two basic categories, so does the frequency range in order to deal with them most effectively.

There are two types of PEMF sessions; frequency ranges that decimate pathogens (disease arising from outside the body) and frequency ranges that signal our cells to accomplish tasks they would naturally do but help them to it better or faster (disease arising from within the body).

So, when choosing a PEMF system, the first and foremost consideration is the frequency range the system is capable of producing. Since there are no pathogen decimating frequencies below 50hz, it’s important to choose a machine that has a much higher range if this is the purpose you are getting a machine. Even if you currently only need the cell signaling frequencies (generally below 50hz), you should consider the use you might need it for in the future, should you acquire a pathogen you need to deal with.

The second thing you should consider is whether the system uses a coil or a mat.

Coils will generally have a wider range of frequencies they can reproduce, while mats will spread out the magnetic field over a wider area of your body. Coils, provided the chassis is powerful enough, will penetrate deeper into your body which is very helpful for decimating pathogens.

Mats, by spreading out the magnetic field, deliver cell signaling frequencies to a wider area of the body with each session. Coils are the best of both worlds simply because they will reproduce a wider range of frequencies with a wider range of intensities for delivering those frequencies.

Third, consider the power of the chassis. As we have explained in other posts, decimating pathogens is like a singer breaking a wine glass. Often, no matter how loud they sing, natural voice alone cannot break the wine glass. But when that same singer uses an amplifier they easily break the glass. With a PEMF system, you need the power like the singer needs the amplifier. Power also is needed to penetrate deeper into the body, with a strong enough magnetic field, where the pathogens can be causing their harm.

And finally, you should consider the “form factor”, or how the chassis is packaged. Large bulky cases mean you have to store the machine away between sessions. This takes time to set up before a session and put away after a session. This can lead to inconvenience, which in turn leads to it being too much trouble to go through for a session, which then leads to missing sessions. A small chassis can be setup all the time, making it very easy and convenient to have a session without having to plan ahead or spend time before and after a session putting the chassis away.

Choosing a system with these things in mind will give you the best possible PEMF experience.

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