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Become Our Reseller

Earn big money while helping others. Sentient Element has launched a reseller program. Help spread this groundbreaking technology that promotes wellness for everyone.

  • SENTIENT ELEMENT is the next advancement in PEMF technology
  • SENTIENT ELEMENT is the most powerful and effective home use unit on the market
  • SENTIENT ELEMENT is founded after 30+ years of experience in Boeing, National Semiconductor, Intel, Microsoft and classified projects requiring special clearance for high-level applications
  • SENTIENT ELEMENT was born from a tick bite to make PEMF therapy affordable and effective for everyone
  • We believe that everyone should know about SENTIENT ELEMENT


About Our Reseller Programs

There are two Sentient Element reseller programs. The first is as a referral reseller, where you can earn a commission by referring others to the program.

Spread the word about the great benefits of the Sentient Element technology. Make money when people sign up to become a reseller just like you.

The second program is as a reseller. Qualified distributors who provide dedicated sales each month will earn a greater commission than in the referral program. Resellers are responsible for handling customer inquiries and providing training on using the device.

Become a Reseller

Are you interested in becoming a reseller? Get started today. Sign up in three easy steps.

Start by filling out and submitting the Contact Us form on this page. You will then speak to Larry Langdon, who will provide details on how the programs work. Once selected, you can register on

Once registered for either the referral or reseller program, we will provide you with coupons to give your customers. When purchasing their device, customers will use the coupon code you gave them, which designates you as the reseller of the product.

You will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement upon becoming a reseller, and you will receive a commission for your sales at the end of each month.

The sign-up process is quick and easy. Become a reseller today and begin sharing our PEMF technology with others.