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Hassle-free travel with carry-on case with a pull handle and wheels that is lighter in weight

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy has been used since the 1960s. Today there are over twenty thousand reviews and studies showing how beneficial it is. With the Earth Field Collapse, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, in a nutshell, Replicates and Amplifies the earth’s natural magnetic field and its natural frequencies.

The SENTIENT ELEMENT is one of the most powerful,best and affordable PEMF devices on the market allowing you to choose from long, low-intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high-intensity sessions

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The reasons why we pride ourselves that the SENTIENT ELEMENT is the Best PEMF Device


Most powerful Machine Out There

No other machine even comes closer to the power the SENTIENT ELEMENT has. It has a 2500 watt amplifier, which in turn produces an impressively powerful pulse electromagnetic field.

Hardware Is Protective

Our machines come with an overheat protection and a amplifier overdrive protection. These protective measures will help our devices last a life time.

Life time warranty

It is guaranteed! If anything were to happen to our device you can send it to us for free repairs.

It is the most affordable

We have charts that compare prices with most popular pemf machines on the market today. There are devices that are affordable than ours but won't give as much power as ours.

Dual Coil System

We not only have the most powerful device but also offer a dual coil system. This can give you a greater surface area of pulse electromagnetic field.

Effective Range of Frequencies

It has an amazing frequency range of 7 - 10,000Hz. Most of the PEMF machines only range from 1-50Hz. These higher frequencies are important because they debilitate the pathogens.

Larry's Amazing recovery from Lyme

Larry Langdon, Founder of SENTIENT ELEMENT was bit by a tick while hiking in the Cascade foothills just East of Seattle. Over time,Larry had gone through the typical progression of Lyme.He was put on an antibiotic regimen and did see some improvement but soon after lost ground and got worse to the point of almost dying as the spirochetes became antibiotic resistant.At this point Larry was desperately searching for a cure for Lyme disease. However, he found that non-conventional energy medicine along with special diets had the most success because the body wants to heal itself. This is when he discovered non-invasive "Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field" therapy where the lower sound range frequencies could debilitate many of these zoonotic (animal to human) pathogens.

Benefits of PEMF Therapy

SENTIENT ELEMENT is your Ultimate Lyme killer


best pemf devices for lyme disease

Improved Sleep

Induces sleep in insomnia and other sleep related disorders and improves sleep by stimulating hypothalamus, which controls circadian and sleep rhythms.

Reduced Inflammation

Reduces inflammation by recharging the cells with a mild electromagnetic current which help the cells heal faster with less swelling, pain and bruising.

Increased Range of Motion

Helps people with arthritis and rheumatism in improving their range of motion and get them back on their feet again.

Reduced Pain

Reduces acute and chronic pain without side effects and produces natural endorphins in the central nervous system that block the transmission of pain signals to the brain.

Improves Circulation

Improves circulation and blood and tissue oxygenation with the pulsed electromagnetic field to improve your blood flow to your feet, legs, arms, hands, and fingers

Enhanced Motor Coordination

Useful for those with Parkinson's, Alzheimers where motor coordination begins to decline.Athletes experience performance enhancing effects.

Proven for Pain Relief

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy
has reached a new level of power in a small package

SENTIENT ELEMENT is Your Best and affordable home PEMF therapy
  • I have been using the sentient element now for several months now and my overall pain level had gone down from a consistent 9 to a 2. I beat Lyme disease and four co infections in April using African herbs. Then I used the sentient element consistently for my recovery since you sent us a new one and the transformation is an amazing! I’m 22 now and had Lyme since I was 12. And I can’t even remember the last time I felt this good. Kylie G.

  • Best PEMF machine available and at the most reasonable price. Purchasing with the second coil is best. Nothing else on the market compares especially with two coils! Two thumbs way, way up! Thanks Larry! Joe Kegler

  • One of the best PEMF Generators at a very reasonable price Jeffery P. Hall