Larry Langdon Invented the original AmpCoil and Sentient Element PEMF Devices to help him fight Lyme disease in 2014. Since then, AmpCoil has moved away from Larry's initial design.

Now, Sentient Element has superior capabilities to the original AmpCoil machine.

If you’ve heard of the AmpCoil machine and you’ve read AmpCoil reviews, you may be wondering whether to choose a Sentient Element or AmpCoil PEMF device NOW.

Let's clear that up for you.

Here are 11 reasons you should choose Sentient Element over AmpCoil machine.

  • Sentient Element is more powerful than many other PEMF devices on the market, including AmpCoil.
  • With Sentient Element, you can customize your therapy sessions. Choose long, low-intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating, high-intensity sessions, or anything in between.
  • You don't need an app or program. Just download your chosen frequency from the internet to your phone, tablet, or laptop. you can then play the frequency to the coil of the Sentient Element at your convenience.
  • No need for expensive software: we recommend using Frex16, which costs less than $100.00
  • You can operate at multiple frequencies you can target specific health issues.
  • Small enough to remain set up without getting in the way
  • Compact and light enough to transport wherever you go.
  • Highly effective and easy to use with proven results
  • With Sentient Element, you gain total control of your pain, health, and well-being
  • Chiropractors, healthcare professionals, wellness clinics, and healthcare organizations all over the US swear by the real results they see with Sentient Element.
  • And here's the best bit
ampcoil cost

Sentient Element is almost 50% Cheaper than AmpCoil

Now it's your turn to discover the benefits..

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Why Sentient Element is Better than AmpCoil?

System Voltage SENTIENT ELEMENT Ampcoil
System Voltage 120 / 240 vAC 120 / 240 vAC
Maximum System Power 2500 watts
Peak Gauss 50/50 Duty Cycle 150,000 Peak G
System Amplifier Range 2 - 22,000 Hz
Primary Coil Effective Range 2 – 2,500 Hz 4 - 2,200 Hz
Crescendo Coil Effective Range (coming soon) 800 – 2400 Hz
Lyme Plasmid Coil Effective Range (coming soon) 300 – 800 Hz
Wave Form Any Waveform Sine
Number of Programs Thousands Thousands
Frequencies Generated 1 or multiple depending on frequency generator Runs from program, not adjustable.
On-board Timer? Adjustable Adjustable
Overheat Protection? Yes
Amplifier Overdrive Protection Yes
Type of Coil Design 12" Coil 7 5/8" diameter Coil
Coil Lead Length 12 ft. 6.5 ft.
Warranty Limited Lifetime 1 Year
Retail Price $4,200 $7,995

Sentient Element is Half the Cost of AmpCoil!

Here are some ways we are able to cut our overheads and pass the savings on to our customers.

  • We minimize costs. For example, when you call SentientLight, you don't get a receptionist; you come straight through to us.
  • We don't use multi-level marketing like some brands. The price of products rockets when sellers are forced to stock inventory. We don’t make our sellers keep our products in stock.
  • We use off-the-shelf parts where applicable because they are less expensive than custom-made parts.
  • Unlike AmpCoil machine, you can use any tablet, smartphone, or laptop to create the frequencies to be input into Sentient Element, which brings down the price of our product.
  • We’re not about increasing profits!
ampcoil price
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As a result, we keep our prices LOW

And yet, Sentient Element is one of the best PEMF devices money can buy.

Are you ready to buy Sentient Element now? Perhaps you have questions?
Don’t worry, we’re here for you.


"My thoughts are clearer and my stamina is increasing already"

I haven't slept more than 6 hours since the auto accident in August 2019 but beginning the first day that I powered on the Element I have slept over 8 hours each night. My thoughts are clearer and my stamina is increasing already. We have been trying everything under the sun and in one day this pemf machine has changed the entire game. I've been having so much fun exploring and experimenting and can't wait to unlock its full potential.

With my full appreciation,
Dr. Aaron Ozimek DC

Sentient Element is better and
more efficient than the
$8,000 AmpCoil

Here's why


The Power Source

The Sentient Element is more powerful than many similar products on the market. Most PEMF machines only range from 1-50Hz. While lower sound range frequencies debilitate many zoonotic (animal to human) pathogens, higher frequencies are critical to debilitate certain key pathogens. The Sentient Element Dual Coil system is one of the highest intensity PEMFs devices on today’s market, with a wide frequency range of 7-10,000 Hz.


Sentient Element puts you in total control. Choose a frequency from the internet to play at your own pace and time, so you can concentrate on the areas of your health that are causing you concern.

The Coil

The AmpCoil uses a coil that is way outside of a properly tuned coil and is so small, you can’t even get your wrist into it, let alone your head. Sentient Element is different, and it’s available in single coil and dual coil variants. The cost of the single coil system is $3,900, and the dual coil system is $4,250. Dual coil system gives you twice the coverage of the pulsed electromagnetic field.

And remember, Sentient Element is almost half the price of AmpCoil.

Have Questions? Give us a call at 208-512-7775 and Let's Talk

We really are serious about helping you manage your pain, facilitate your healing, and improve your health.

Read on to find out why…

Larry Langdon, an electrical engineer, developed the AmpCoil in 2014 when he was battling Lyme disease. Although he had shown signs of improvement from the debilitating illness, the bacteria became resistant to antibiotics. Larry became unwell to the point that he nearly died.

With the help of the PEMF device he designed and built, Larry made a full recovery. He vowed to help other people in a similar position to him. He personally drove a machine from Hayden, Idaho to the bay area in California to help a fellow Lyme disease sufferer, Aaron Bigelow.

Aaron was an experienced marketer, and he encouraged Larry to refine his design into a more sophisticated piece of equipment for other Lyme disease sufferers to use.
Larry did just that, and Sentient Element was born.

ampcoil reviews

Our mission

statement has always been to make the system as inexpensive as possible so more people can benefit from the use of PEMF.


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