7 Reasons not to buy Ampcoil

Larry Langdon invented the Sentient Element and the original Ampcoil to help him fight Lyme disease.

  • Sentient Element Heals Faster than Ampcoil
  • Sentient Element is Cheaper than Ampcoil
  • Sentient Element is Featured in MedicalNewsToday for Best frequency Ranges

Why you should choose Sentient Element over AmpCoil?

The Latest Ampcoil machine has 60% less power than the original, since Ampcoil has moved away from Larry's initial design.

1.Heals Faster

Sentient Element is 10x more powerful than Ampcoil since Ampcoil downgraded their power. A machine with high power heals faster.

2.No Expensive Hardware

Unlike AmpCoil, you can use Sentient Element with any tablet, smartphone, or laptop to create the frequencies, which brings down the price of our product

3.No Expensive Apps

Unlike Ampcoil, You don't need an app or program. Just download your chosen frequency from the internet to your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can then play the frequency to the coil of the Sentient Element at your own convenience

4.Improved Blood Circulation

You will see an improved blood circulation because our coils spread the magnetic field more over your body.

5.Advanced Dual Coil System

Unlike Ampcoil, You can share your PEMF sessions with your loved ones who are working on the same health issue or even a different health issue.

6.Best Frequency Ranges

You can operate at multiple frequencies to target specific health issues.

7.Voice Diagnostics is Impossible

Voice diagnostics require thousands of voice samples of a patient to predict a specific disease. Imagine taking thousands of voice samples taken for thousands of diseases for thousands of patients? Voice Diagnostics - NOT YET accurate and reliable.

Sentient Element vs Ampcoil

System Voltage SENTIENT ELEMENT Ampcoil
System Voltage 120 / 240 vAC 120 / 240 vAC
Maximum System Power 2500 watts
Peak Gauss 50/50 Duty Cycle 350 Continuous Gauss (150,000 Peak G)
System Amplifier Range 2 - 22,000 Hz
Primary Coil Effective Range 2 – 2,500 Hz 4 - 2,200 Hz
Wave Form Any Waveform Sine
Number of Programs Thousands Thousands
Frequencies Generated 1 or multiple depending on frequency generator Runs from program, not adjustable.
On-board Timer? Adjustable Adjustable
Overheat and Amplifier Overdrive Protection Yes
Type of Coil Design 12" Coil 7 5/8" diameter Coil
Coil Lead Length 12 ft. 6.5 ft.
Warranty Limited Lifetime 1 Year
Retail Price $5,550 $7,995

And Sentient Element comes with a Lifetime Warranty and Money Back guarantee.

Begin Your Wellness Journey Now

The Story behind Ampcoil

Larry made a full recovery from Lyme disease with the help of the PEMF Device he designed and built. He vowed to help other people in a similar position to him. He personally drove a machine from Hayden, Idaho to the bay area in California to help a fellow Lyme disease sufferer. Aaron Bigelow.

Aaron was an experienced marketer, and he encouraged Larry to refine his design into a more sophisticated piece of equipment for other Lyme disease sufferers to use. Larry did just that, and Ampcoil was born. But Aaron had taken Larry's work to another fabricator.

Larry spent the next year refining the original ampcoil machine and called it the Sentient Element.

Today , Sentient Element has helped hundreds of people to live a happy, healthy life.

Now it's your turn.

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