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Works on all devices and it is free

Element ZX is a special app specially designed for your PEMF system. It has presets for many problems and also a Manual Entry mode, so you can enter a single frequency or sweep through a range of frequencies up to 2500 Hz. ZX Apps will run on Android phones, iPhones, iPads, Kindle Fire, Windows PCs, Macs and other tablet devices. This gives you complete freedom to use frequencies wherever you are, anytime.

In addition, ZX Apps will work online or offline once you choose to Add To Home when the app is first run on phones. For Desktop computers, you simply install the app. See below.

If you want to use the app offline with your phone, you can do that too. When the app opens, select the Add To Home option. If the Add To Home button doesn't show up, it's OK. It will download anyway. This downloads the app contents to your phone or device, so it will run offline.


Life Pro X8 Software

Works only on PC computers that have Windows 7 or later.

Pro X8 is a modern evolution of frequency technology. It delivers special frequencies for health benefits.

As a Sentient Light customer, you can get Life Pro X8 at a very special discount. now available at an exclusive discount of $200

Function Generator

Works for only IOS Devices