SENTIENT ELEMENT was born from a tick bite. Our Mission is to make PEMF therapy effective, affordable and convenient for you.

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Larry Langdon, Founder of Sentient Element has 30+ years of experience innovating cutting-edge technologies for Boeing, National Semiconductor, Intel, Microsoft and classified projects requiring special clearance for high-level applications.

Utilizing his B.S. in electrical engineering, he has extensive experience in software, hardware, integration, instrumentation, product testing and embedded designs, including the first FDA approved defibrillator.

Back in 2000, Larry was bitten by a tick while hiking in the Cascade foothills just east of Seattle.

Larry suffered from the typical progression of Lyme disease. The conventional medical system had no answer for it.

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Larry found an LLMD who properly tested him for Lyme, including DNA tests, and found he had 12 co-infections. He was put on an antibiotic regimen and did see some improvement but soon after lost ground and got worse to the point of almost dying as the spirochetes (bacteria) became antibiotic resistant.

This made Larry desperate to find a cure for Lyme disease. Larry’s own research revealed that non-conventional energy medicine, along with special diets, held the most promise because, given the appropriate support, the body can heal itself naturally.

It was around this time that Larry discovered the true potential of non-invasive PEMF therapy. One day, as Larry attended an exclusive seminar on food science and nutrition, as well as energy medicine, he saw one of the PEMF machines in action. The machine swept through several frequencies associated with Lyme disease, interacting significantly with Larry's own body.

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The episodes he experienced were painful, but they gave Larry the knowledge that PEMF indeed has a real effect on the symptoms of Lyme disease. He also knew that, if properly harnessed, the frequencies could provide an effective treatment for the disease. He took down copious notes and headed home with a new sense of purpose.

Using his background in electrical engineering and programming, Larry began developing his own PEMF coiling device, based on the Doug Coil design. He called this device the Ampcoil.

But Larry's journey did not end here. His life-changing experience led him on a new path of discovery, inspired by his mission to help fellow Lyme disease sufferers.

The result? The invention of the Sentient Element.

Today, SENTIENT ELEMENT has already helped hundreds of people overcome their pain and limitations to live happy, healthy lives.

You can benefit from Sentient Element too.

Sentient Element is Your Key to Total Wellness.

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The founders of this site are a team of hardware designers and manufacturing engineers with over 50 years of combined experience. We make the hardware and sell direct. We are NOT health practitioners. (See DISCLAIMER below)

As engineers it is our goal to improve upon and to continue to manufacture an exceptional solid, powerful, safe, robust, and inexpensive hardware for the price in its class and made in the USA. At this time, we believe we have developed with far superior specifications while the competition makes wild claims, some do not even post their hardware specifications, and some are calling their coil a “Tesla Coil”. A single winding of copper is NOT a “Tesla Coil”. It would be a good idea to do your own homework and stay away from the wild claims. On our “Comparison Chart page” we provide a comparison chart for what is publicly published by our competition.

By visiting this website, you acknowledge that the information contained within is provided to help individuals gain insight into the body's healing processes, not to replace the decisions you make with your medical professional. It is fundamental maxim of law to help others; to educate, to feed the hungry, and to heal the sick. Furthermore, no single entity has a monopoly helping their fellow human being. We don’t believe that people are property. If at any time we believe that this site is being attacked, we will consider issuing Racketeering charges under the RICO Act U. S. Code Title 18 as we are a private enterprise managed by Overseers.

We believe that people should be the authors of their own health story and have the rights to expression under the first amendment. Please view our materials with a critical eye while realizing we exist to only help others. Since one of the founders had severe unrecoverable Lyme Disease, it was PEMF that facilitated the healing effects to provide healthier blood flow using Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy..

There are now over 20,000 studies worldwide on the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy which is now FDA approved for many health issues such as for sports medicine, Studies can be found on Pubmed.gov, the National Institute of Health (NIH) managed site. Ask your medical professional about PEMF.



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