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PEMF frequencies break down into two basic groups, below 100Hz and above 100Hz. Frequencies below 100Hz are referred to a "cell signaling" frequencies and will help with disease that originates from within the body (breakdown of normal body functions). They tell your cells to do things they would otherwise be doing naturally if your body systems were working optimally but for one reason or another are not. This could be caused by many things such as compromised immune system, lack of proper diet, injury (such as a broken bone), environment, and so on. Frequencies in this range can aid in improved blood circulation, better digestion, relieving inflammation, reducing pain, and the healing of body systems that are not damaged beyond healing. For example, the FDA has approved the use of PEMF for bone healing. The frequency used for this is 76.6Hz. Although there are many cell signaling or healing frequencies above 100Hz, the most basic and general wellness ones are in the 100Hz and below range. In the frequencies above 100Hz you find the "resident frequencies" of pathogens. If you have disease that originated from outside the body (bacteria, viruses, or generally all pathogens), the only way PEMF will affect them is to use the frequency that matches their resident frequency. It causes them to vibrate to the point of destruction. The resident frequency of virtually all pathogens is well above 100Hz.
All PEMF machines use frequencies that are in the hearing range, so by definition they are all audio frequencies. So yes, technically we are using a signal Generator (software loaded on a tablet, laptop or smart phone) to send an audio frequency (or set of frequencies) through the amplifier and out to the coil which then becomes an electromagnet with a field at the frequency being sent to it. This is pretty much how all of the higher powered brands work...the Sentient ELEMENT, the Doug Coil, the AmpCoil, and the PEMF8000. The lower powered brands are similar except they use capacitive discharge to create the frequencies (even though they are still "audio" frequencies). This method also works but is greatly limited in the amount of gauss that can be produced, which in turn limits the strength of the magnetic field as well as the range of frequencies that it can reproduce. This is why the lower powered brands all use a limited number of onboard frequencies to choose from. With the higher powered brands, you can send any frequency to the unit. The Doug Coil does this with a series of switches on the frequency generator module, the AmpCoil does it with the BetterGuide app, not sure exactly how the PEMF8000 does the frequency generation, and the Sentient ELEMENTallows you to use any app or program you want to create the frequencies you want to use. Ours allows the widest range of frequency options, both in terms of what the frequency is, and in terms of how it's generated. The AmpCoil, for example, comes with a tablet that has the BetterGuide app pre-loaded on it. We let you use any device you want. The AmpCoil only runs frequencies it chooses based on their BS voice analysis. We let you use any frequency you want.
Not only does Frex16 work with the Sentient ELEMENT, it's the software we recommend if you want pre-programmed frequency sets for all manner of ailments. Actually, any signal generating software will work. There are many apps available for free that run on iPhone, Android, or Windows based systems. Some, such as Tone Generator for the iPhone will let you run multiple frequencies at one time and set different volume amounts for each frequency in a session. That can all be handy but you have to know where to get the frequencies to work with. It's easy to find a single frequency on the internet, but Frex16 gives you frequency sets that work together in one setup...much harder to find on the internet. Our owner's manual has a section discussing different signal generating software.
As with all high powered Brands, the coil can get hot if you use it at high intensity levels for extended periods of time. Mostly if you are running frequencies below 100 Hz. However, with some application of common sense it is not a problem. It's nice, for example, to have an engine in your car that has 500 horsepower. Can be real handy when you need that much power. But that doesn't mean you have to go 100 mile per hour every time you drive somewhere! Likewise, even when you do find the need to go 100 MPH, you would not do that for 8 hours straight and not expect your car to have some heat issues. With PEMF there is always a trade-off between intensity levels and session duration. If you want to use higher intensities, you only need shorter sessions to have an impact.
Kids and pets, no problem (other than the same ones that also apply to adults). In fact, one of our customers purchased his Sentient ELEMENT to use on his dog! The FDA has gone so far as to state that the frequencies that PEMF machines can produce are not harmful to the body. As with adults, if the child has an illness involving pathogens, a Herx reaction can occur but this would not be from occasional contact...it would have to be from a full session. So common sense should be applied and make sure the child is old enough to communicate what is happening to them if you are going to do full sessions on them.
The magnetic field produced by PEMF coils will vary greatly based on their size. Just like with speakers producing a sound field. You would not expect to be able to play music to a room full of people with a set of ear buds. They are just too small to hear unless they are right in your ear. With PEMF coils, the same holds true for magnetic field. If you want the field to penetrate deep into your body where it is needed, it must be large enough to create a large magnetic field.
With three levels of protection...a "protect mode" built into the amplifier, a heat sensor that shuts the system down if it gets too hot, and thermal circuit breaker...the electronics are not only rock solid, but are also well protected.
The simple answer is slightly under 10 lbs. for the coil and slightly over 30 lbs. for the chassis. More complex is how are you traveling? If by car: We have changed the chassis from the photo on our sight (yes, we need to update that!). The new unit has a carry handle on the front which makes it quite easy to move around. If by air: You could repack the unit in its shipping carton (total weight 42 lbs.) or purchase a travel case. Either way, it would have to be checked with other non carry on luggage. It does come down to a matter of cost for the choice you make. Assuming you want a machine that will do frequencies above 50Hz in order to affectively deal with pathogens, there are only three brands...AmpCoil @ $7995.00, PEMF8000 @ $12,000.00, or the Sentient ELEMENT@ $4200.00. The difference in cost will pay for a very large number of extra bag check fees




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There are now over 20,000 studies worldwide on the benefits of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy which is now FDA approved for many health issues such as for sports medicine, Studies can be found on Pubmed.gov, the National Institute of Health (NIH) managed site. Ask your medical professional about PEMF.



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