What is MedBed Technology?

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Don’t you or your loved ones deserve a high level of comfort especially while returning from a painful hospital stay? Imagine a bed that offers natural and long-lasting health benefits through an extensive level of relaxation! That’s Med-bed which works on the principle of quantum healing.

5 Use Cases For Virtual Reality In Healthcare

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The future of healthcare continues to be impacted by new technology. One such innovation that has found a great deal of success in this industry is virtual reality (VR). When VR is implemented in various healthcare applications, it has proven to increase access, reduce costs, and improve outcomes.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

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Regenerative medicine helps in healing your body naturally by itself using your own regenerative cells. Hence, you will not experience any adverse side effects, unlike medications, steroid injections, and surgery. There are four types of regenerative medicine: Stem cell therapy, Prolotherapy, Platelet-rich plasma therapy, Cartilage regeneration.

How to use the Sentient ELEMENT

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With the Sentient ELEMENT, you use a remote device, such as a tablet, to input a frequency, or frequencies, from a wide variety of programs and apps available online. The Sentient ELEMENTis one of the most powerful PEMF devices on the market allowing you to choose from long, low intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high intensity sessions, or anything in between.


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Ionophoresis is a painless and non-invasive method of delivering medicines into your body tissues.

A low-grade electric current is applied to your skin using an electrode, which delivers a drug through the skin into your underlying tissues.

In popular terms, it is also known as "an injection without the needle."


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In 2000 Larry Langdon, Founder of Sentient Element was bit by a tick while hiking in the Cascade foothills just East of Seattle. By 2002, Larry had gone through the typical progression of Lyme and suffered the ignorance of the disease within the medical community. After losing his career as an electrical engineer, his home, his family and friends, in 2010 he was able to find an LLMD who properly tested him for Lyme, including DNA tests, and found he had 12 co-infections.

Duration for each frequency in your PEMF session

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This article goes out to Katie, who asked the question of how long each frequency should be in duration for a PEMF session. Beyond the Doug Coil, there simply is no other machine (for home use) that comes close to the power level and frequency range of the ELEMENT. For me, I just run the FreX16 default time of 300 seconds per frequency and have receive great results.

What is the right PEMF machine for me?

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There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the PEMF machine that is right for you. When considering different machines, you need to look at it as a complete system; the chassis or electronic part that creates the signal, and the coil or mat that reproduces the magnetic field from the signal the chassis is sending to it.

History of Magnetic Field Therapy

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The origins of magnetic field therapy trace back to ancient times. Ancient medicine was integrating magnetic therapies into medical therapies before the reason behind their advantages was even understood.