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Low intensity or High-Intensity PEMF Devices?


Low intensity or High-Intensity PEMF Devices?

Do you feel that PEMF can heal any problem that you may be facing but…

Don’t know which intensity would be best: the High Intensity PEMF devices or the low-Intensity PEMF device? 

While most experts claim the effectiveness of high-intensity PEMF devices over lower ones, others claim the difference is not much relevant. 

Let’s understand which type will offer you the maximum benefit!

What is the Difference?

The primary difference between low- and high-intensity devices is their power, which means the amount of electricity generated to create the magnetic field. This power is measured in Gauss.

While high-intensity devices can transfer about 1000–50,000 Gauss to the area of application and other cells, low-intensity creates power way lesser than 1000 Gauss. 

Experts claim that both the devices may be helpful, but those generating higher intensity in the shortest duration are more effective. This is because of the tremendous amount of charge they can produce in the tissues.
The higher the intensity of the PEMF machine, the more significant is the application, both in field intensity and area,

This high intensity of power can help nerves and muscles regenerate as well as regain their lost functions. 

High intensity is also preferable for mental conditions such as depression. Besides, research also shows that high-intensity PEMF is safe for the brain. 

So, you can see that high-intensity PEMF devices offer a significant amount of energy compared to those with low intensity.

What Does Research Say?

Recovery Rate 

The recovery rate of patients who have used High-Intensity PEMF devices is much higher than those who use low-intensity or low-powered PEMF devices. 

A study reported that high-intensity PEMF devices resulted in pain reduction in arthritis compared to the same treatment among people with post-traumatic postoperative lower back pain.

Both the recovery rate and output of low-intensity devices are minimal. 

High-powered devices show the results faster as the patient can feel the difference after each treatment. Hence, the reports of high-intensity devices are much more efficient and measurable. 

Penetrates Deep

High-Intensity PEMF works immediately and reliably to invigorate muscles, connective tissues, digestion tracts, ligaments and ligaments, the mind, and fringe nerve locales. 

It dives deep inside the skin, searching for cells that need assistance, and gives them that additional lift to work appropriately and mend. 

Indeed, 95% of individuals report less torment, the better scope of movement, more energy, and a more prominent feeling of prosperity after using a high-Intensity PEMF.

Low-intensity devices, on the other hand, cannot penetrate far enough to impact deeper located organs.

Besides, deep-seated, chronic health issues respond better and faster to high-intensity PEMF devices.

Triggers Cellular Vibration

The goal of PEMF devices is to generate cellular energy and get the cell to respond to the source of energy. 

With high Powered PEMF devices, cellular resonance or vibration may occur much more effectively as the high electrical discharge can directly hit the injured spot, which requires recovery. 

In low PEMF devices, they may not be able to reach the damaged spot even after weeks. 

Increase Cell Oxygenation

When the high intense Electromagnetic waves of PEMF therapy reach the blood vessels, they help stimulate blood flow in the body. 

The blood vessels in the cells thus help pump blood and oxygen in the cells, increasing cell oxygenation. 

Detoxifies the body

With the help of High-Intensity PEMF devices, you can detoxify your body by pushing the toxins out. 

The main purpose of PEMF is to draw energy in and push toxins out, which is only possible with high-intensity PEMF devices as the undercharged cells only interact with high intense energy. 

As the undercharged cells get the energy and power through PEMF, they perform two functions, and the charged cells help both in the functioning of the cells and the repairment of the cells. 

PEMF treatment precisely animates the lymphatic vessels, and all the waste products are pulled away from the cells all the more productively.

The only thing you should keep in mind when performing PEMF therapy for detoxification is to do it on an empty stomach and drink loads of water after the session. 

Other Effects

•    High-intensity PEMF devices can reach the core, and thus the power can’t get discharged until it reaches the problematic area.
•    Studies have also shown that high-intensity PEMF effectively triggers cell permeabilization for gene therapy and DNA vaccination. High-intensity PEMF helps electrotransfer siRNA in gene therapy, a promising treatment approach in various cancers. 
•    Another 2012 study suggests the benefits of high-intensity PEMF for electrotransfer of plasmid DNA encoding enhanced green fluorescent protein (EGFP) to the skin. They resulted in a 5-fold increase in gene expression.
•    High-intensity PEMF devices provide quicker relief within a few minutes of the therapy.

Thus, high-intensity PEMF devices are an ideal choice for chronic and complicated problems, especially those that appear in more than one area.

Final Thoughts

The goal with any treatment or therapy is recovery. With a PEMF device, if your goal is to stimulate the entire body, then the electromagnetic waves should have a high intensity to penetrate and dive deep into the body and help it heal. Besides, it’s an ideal option for people with long-standing conditions or multiple problems.