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PEMF Therapy for Chiropractic practice


PEMF Therapy for Chiropractic practice

Why Every Chiropractor Needs To Consider PEMF Therapy?

Accomplished chiropractors are always looking for ways to enhance their practice and to provide maximum benefits to their clients. If you belong to the aforementioned “elite club of chiropractors,” then we recommend adding PEMF therapy to your services; here’s why!

A Little Bit About PEMF

The use of PEMF devices to improve health began as early as the 1800s when Nikola Tesla, the great inventor, discovered that passing an electrical current through the human body is harmless. He also discovered that you can pass an electrical current through the human body without making any contact.

The early PEMF devices were very basic and don’t even come close to the devices available today. They were essentially huge spherical wire coils that surrounded the patient as they would stand or lie down on a bed. Even those basic PEMF devices provided instant relief to patients, but doctors of that time preferred drugs and surgery and overlooked PEMF therapy.

This reluctance of doctors didn’t stop innovators like Robert Becker, George Lakhovsky, Abraham Liboff, and Antoine Priore, as all of them conducted further research on the benefits of PEMF therapy. All those great minds realized that the therapeutic remedy is highly effective and provides a variety of health benefits.

The most obvious benefit of all is that PEMF therapy is non-invasive and the user only feels a pulse. Meaning that using PEMF therapy doesn’t require surgery or powerful drugs that may cause unwanted effects.

Instead, it helps patients treat their pain without causing any side effects.

According to the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM), health practitioners are prescribing addictive and strong pain relievers like morphine, hydrocodone, oxycodone, and codeine at a rate that is more than enough to give a bottle of pills to every American adult.

Since it’s relatively easy to obtain these types of medicine, that’s why they actively contribute to overdose deaths and higher rates of addiction. This is just one of the reasons why people now are searching for a natural or less harmful method of dealing with pain.

As a chiropractor, you can recommend and provide PEMF therapy to your clients for improved results. PEMF positively impacts energy within injured or damaged cells by directing repeating electromagnetic pulses towards them, thus stimulating a healthier response.

PEMF devices operate in a very simple manner. They emit electromagnetic pulses through a coil applicator, which you can place directly on the problem area or near the damaged or injured area. The device then induces energy to the damaged cells and provides several pain-relieving benefits to the patients, including inflammation relief, bones strengthening, tissue healing, fatigue and injury relief, neurotransmitter balance, sleep restoration and more.

PEMF And Pain Relief

According to a study published in Pain Research and Management, PEMF therapy lowers pain scores by 2.8 points, which is statistically significant. The study was performed at St. Joseph’s Health Care Centre of London, Ontario and involved 32 female and male patients, one-half of which had fibromyalgia, a pain afflicting condition.

The patients experienced chronic musculoskeletal pain. The study was double-blind, randomized, and placebo-controlled and the participants were split into two different groups; one group received the placebo and the other received PEMF therapy. The participants received the treatment for seven consecutive days and were actively monitored; researchers then assessed every single participant in regards to their pain.

Patients that received the placebo only experienced a 0.4 point decline in their pain levels, while the average reduction in the pain levels of those receiving PEMF therapy was two points. The most significant reduction was seen in patients with fibromyalgia whose pain levels approached statistical significance as they declined by 2.8 points.

Pain relief isn’t the only benefit of PEMF therapy for bone health; it provides several additional benefits, including improved bone healing response against injuries and damage.

According to a study conducted in 2012 and published in the Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Research, PEMF therapy healed the fractures of 77.3% of the total participating patients. The study involved 44 patients with fractured tibias and their fractures were taking longer than usual to heal or weren’t healing at all. More than three-fourths of the total participants showed improvement and that was regardless of the type of fracture and the age of the fracture.

The relief occurred regardless of the fact that a participant had other issues that may suppress the healing process like diabetes, smoking, etc. In light of the results, the researchers concluded that PEMF therapy, a non-invasive treatment is highly effective for addressing non-infected tibial union abnormalities.

Another 2015 study conducted by researchers from China’s Department of Rehabilitation Medicine and Physical Therapy from Second Affiliated Hospital, Chongquing Medical University, noted that PEMF therapy provides additional benefits than just pain relief.

These benefits include improvements in lipid metabolism disorders and the prevention of bone loss. It is important to note that this was an animal study; however, it shows promising results that can potentially be the same for humans as well. If you don’t understand how it can be promising for humans, then read this; Johnson Space Center’s Engineering Directorate prioritizes studying the benefits of PEMF therapy to prevent and reduce muscle atrophy and bone loss.

They are also studying the benefits of supplementing PEMF therapy with the natural healing processes of the body of those engaged in space exploration.

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What Can Your Patients Expect During A PEMF Therapy Session?

The typical length of a PEMF session is approximately 20 minutes, but it depends on the need and condition of the patient.

First, you’ll ask the client to lay down on the therapy table, then fasten or put the coil of the PEMF device on the affected area (depending on the type of device you are using). Then you can set the pulse per second (PPS) level and gradually increase the magnetic field strength (MFS).

If the patient is new to PEMF therapy, then choose a lower intensity and set the pulsing at a comfortable level.

The patient will feel the strongest effects on the areas that require PEMF therapy the most. For instance, if the whole body of the patient is receiving PEMF pulses, they’ll feel the pulses most at the area where they have pain or other related issues. This is totally normal and nothing to worry about; it just means that PEMF therapy is helping the areas that need its help.

Usually, the main session is followed by a “cool down” session in which chiropractors turn on the PEMF system again at about 50% of the previous intensity. This follow-up session helps prevent any negative side effects or symptoms that a patient may experience after their first session, which includes a feeling of detox or fatigue.

The cool down session is not always necessary and may only be required for those who are receiving the therapy for the first time. You can evaluate the need for a follow-up PEMF session from your patient’s symptoms.

What Can Your Patients Expect After A PEMF Therapy Session?

Under normal circumstances, the majority of patients feel great after a PEMF therapy session. They immediately experience an increase in energy and a decrease in pain. The therapy’s effects last at least two hours to days, depending on the condition and the symptoms of the patient.

We recommend regular PEMF therapy sessions since they build on each other. Your patients will start noticing a cumulate effect where the positive effects of the therapy will last longer over time.

A patient may experience a few side effects after their first session; however, these effects will gradually disappear after a couple of sessions. You can recommend some nutritional changes to remedy those negative effects.

Which Patients Can’t Receive PEMF Therapy?

Patients with a spinal stimulator, defibrillator, pacemaker, cochlear hearing device, or any other implanted electronic device may not be fit to receive PEMF therapy. PEMF therapy is also not suitable for pregnant women, heavily menstruating women, patients that are hemorrhaging or actively bleeding.

What Are The Side Effects Of PEMF Therapy?

PEMF therapy is generally safe and doesn’t cause any severe side effects and most patients will feel great after receiving a PEMF session.

In some cases, however, a patient can experience few side effects including, dizziness, exertion or fatigue, oxidative stress, a fall in blood sugar levels, increased urination, sleep disturbances, a temporary increase in pain, loss of energy, loss of interest in day-to-day activities, and decreased blood pressure.

As mentioned earlier, PEMF therapy is safe and many medical practitioners consider it as a highly effective non-invasive healing method. A patient can experience the side effects mentioned above; usually, they decrease or disappear after a few sessions as the patient’s body becomes more accustomed to PEMF therapy.

To prevent or reduce the negative side effects, many healthcare experts give nutritional supplements to patients before starting PEMF therapy.


SENTIENT ELEMENT is one of the most advanced and affordable PEMF devices available in the market. It provides you the freedom to choose from low intensity - long sessions to deep penetrating - short sessions, or any other type of session you want.

SENTIENT ELEMENT is built with the goal to create the most powerful and highly effective PEMF device and we believe that we’ve done that. The best part about SENTIENT ELEMENT is that you can use a tablet or a smartphone to input your desired frequencies via different free apps and programs.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose SENTIENT ELEMENT to provide PEMF therapy to your patients.

It Is The Most Powerful PEMF Device In The Market

When it comes to power, no other PEMF device even comes close to SENTIENT ELEMENT. It is equipped with a 2500 watt amplifier, which is capable of producing an impressively powerful pulse of the electromagnetic field.

It Is The Most Affordable PEMF Device In The Market

You can compare the prices of SENTIENT ELEMENT with other popular PEMF devices available in the market to make sure it is the most affordable PEMF device; if you want, we can provide you the comparison charts.

It Has Protective Hardware

SENTIENT ELEMENT has built-in amplifier overdrive protection and overheat protection, both of which protect the device and help it last for a lifetime.

It Has A Life Time Warranty

Our device isn’t an ordinary device; we’ve built it with our hands and know how good it is. That’s why we provide a life-time warranty for SENTIENT ELEMENT. If anything happens to the device, send it to us and we’ll repair it for free.

It Has A Dual Coil System

If you think that the power SENTIENT ELEMENT produces is not enough, then we’ve good news for you. You can add another coil to the device to increase the surface area of the PEMF.

It Has The Widest Frequency Range

Most PEMF devices available in the market only produce 1-50Hz, while SENTIENT ELEMENT has an amazing frequency range of 7 - 10,000Hz.


Including PEMF therapy in your chiropractic practice is a great way to provide another treatment option to patients that is relatively lower in cost yet still very effective.

Plus, keeping up with the true chiropractic tradition, PEMF therapy is 100% natural as it essentially encourages the body to heal itself.

If you are looking for a cost-effective and highly capable PEMF device, then choose the SENTIENT ELEMENT.

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