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PEMF Therapy for High Blood Pressure

PEMF Therapy for High Blood Pressure

Nearly half of the adult population in the USA is suffering from high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, and only about 1 in 4 of those adults have the condition under control.

Each year, high blood pressure cost about $131 billion to the US and was the primary or contributing cause of death for nearly half a million people in 2017.

Hypertension or high blood pressure is a dangerous condition that may not present any symptoms until the condition gets worse. There are several medications that your doctor may prescribe to treat high blood pressure, but sadly these medications aren’t equally effective for everyone and may not be able to treat high blood pressure.

As a result, people are adopting a more holistic approach, including medications, lifestyle changes and PEMF therapy as a high blood pressure treatment.

In this article, we’ll tell you about using PEMF therapy for high blood pressure, but first, let’s take a look at what high blood pressure actually is and what are the risk factors.

Hypertension, High blood pressure or HBP is a medical condition in which the force of blood flowing throw the blood vessels known as blood pressure remains consistently high.

People with high blood pressure usually don’t feel any symptoms or signs even when their blood pressure is dangerously high, but sometimes they may have shortness of breath, headaches, or nosebleeds. 

Blood Pressure Type

Systolic mm Hg

(upper reading)

Diastolic mm Hg

(lower reading)


Less than 120

Less than 80


120 – 129

Less than 80

High Blood Pressure – Stage 1

130 – 139

80 – 89

High Blood Pressure – Stage 2

140 or higher

90 or higher

Hypertensive Crisis

(Immediately consult your doctor)

Higher than 180

Higher than 120


Risk Factors of High Blood Pressure

Although anyone can develop high blood pressure, still there are certain risk factors that make you predisposed to the condition.


People over the age of 45 are more at risk of high blood pressure, but it can occur in anyone at any age.

Family history

Genetics can play a role in high blood pressure, but it’s usually because of family history, meaning that it is a result of unhealthy lifestyle choices adopted by the family, such as unhealthy diet, smoking or drinking, lack of activity, etc.


An overweight individual is more likely to develop high blood pressure as their systems and organs have to work harder, which increases the pressure on the walls of their blood vessels.

Lack of physical activity

A lack of physical activity on a regular basis can cause an individual to gain weight and their blood pressure to get high.

Alcohol consumption and smoking

Alcohol is considered a depressant, but it can also increase your blood pressure, and smoking narrows the blood vessels, which leads to increased blood pressure.


An improper amount of insulin in your body can also increase your blood pressure.


Stress plays a critical role in several medical conditions and has a negative effect on your health; it can also cause you to develop high blood pressure.


PEMF Therapy as a High Blood Pressure Treatment

PEMF therapy is gaining popularity in the US because, according to research, it can help you reduce and stabilize your blood pressure. You can add pulsed electromagnetic field therapy to your regimen prescribed by your doctor as a natural high blood pressure treatment.

A PEMF device uses low-frequency waves to communicate with your cells and signals the proximal smooth muscles in your blood vessels to relax. This causes your blood vessels to open up and leads to improved circulation and stabilized blood pressure.

To achieve such results, you’ll need at least 2 PEMF therapy sessions every day with a minimum duration of 30 minutes. If you can’t visit a clinic every day, you can buy a home PEMF device for treating blood pressure.

Scientists and researchers have been studying PEMF therapy and its benefits for decades, and every day, we learn new information about the benefits of PEMF therapy as a natural treatment for high blood pressure. In 2013, researchers studying the effect of PEMF therapy on resting blood pressure and arterial stiffness index (ASI) found out that it significantly reduces blood pressure, especially systolic and pulse. They concluded that PEMF therapy could improve the peripheral cardiovascular resistance.

Another study that supports our claim of PEMF therapy as an effective high blood pressure treatment as it reports that extracorporeal PEMF treatment kick starts angiogenesis (blood vessel growth), improves blood perfusion, and reduces the chances of developing skin ulcers and necrosis.

A Chinese study examining the combined effects of therapeutic ultrasound and PEMF therapy on the arterial disease in high blood pressure found out that it inhibits apoptosis and aids in the formation of new blood vessels.

A Wake Forest University School of Medicine research proves that PEMF therapy can speed up the healing process of different tissues. Another study reports that PEMF therapy increases cortical excitability, which activates the fMRI in the opposite motor areas, aiding in the recovery of stroke patients.

As you can see from the evidence, PEMF therapy is an effective high blood pressure treatment; remember that we are not advising you to replace the treatment your doctor prescribed, we are recommending you to add PEMF therapy to your high blood pressure treatment.


PEMF Frequency for Treating High Blood Pressure

The recommended PEMF frequency for treating high blood pressure is 1-5 Hz, and each session should be of 20-30 minutes. For chronic cases, you can expand the duration of PEMF therapy sessions to 40 minutes.


Additional Considerations

Apart from the treatment, your doctor suggested and PEMF therapy for high blood pressure, there are certain things that you have to manage in order to control the condition. These things are necessary for controlling your high blood pressure even if you are taking medicine or PEMF therapy.

Maintain a Healthy Diet

Salt, saturated fat, and bad cholesterol can increase or worsen your blood pressure, which is why you have to maintain a healthy diet. Avoid eating junk foods, and add whole-grain, low-fat food along with fruits and vegetables to your diet.


You can lower your blood pressure up to 8 mm Hg by engaging in moderate physical activity for 30 minutes every day, and it can also keep you from developing high blood pressure. HIIT and strength training is best if you have access to a gym, but swimming, walking, cycling, jogging and even dancing can produce the same results.

Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption

When consumed in moderate amount, alcohol can actually be a good thing for you, but anything over one drink a day can be dangerous for your health. Similarly, a moderate amount of caffeine every day can be good for you, but if you over-consume it, your blood pressure may rise.

Quit Smoking

Your blood pressure remains elevated for an hour when you smoke a single cigarette, so if you want don’t want to develop high blood pressure, then quitting this habit will be best for you.



Using PEMF therapy as a high blood pressure treatment can be quite beneficial for you, research shows that it is safe, effective and has no side effects.

Not only can you use PEMF therapy for high blood pressure, but you can also use it for treating arrhythmia, angina pectoris, circulatory dysfunction, poor blood supply and other blood circulation issues.

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