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What are the Lies & Myths behind PEMF Technology


What are the Lies & Myths behind PEMF Technology

PEMF (pulsed electromagnetic field) is a popular, safe, non-invasive, and effective therapy to manage various conditions. As there is a tremendous amount of information available, you may have encountered conflicting ideas about PEMF.

So, with years of experience, we are here to clear some common myths and lies for you.

High-Intensity PEMF is the Only Solution

This is just a myth. Lower-intensity PEMF also works for a range of health problems. In many cases, extremely low-intensity PEMF is the most effective solution, especially for maintaining health. It also an excellent option for individuals who are sensitive to EMF. Lastly, low-intensity PEMF aids in improving blood circulation.

High-Intensity PEMFs are Harmful

On the other hand, there are claims that higher-intensity PEMFs are harmful. This, again, is not true. Studies have shown that higher-intensity PEMF is an excellent choice for mental health, especially depression. Experts also believe that high-intensity PEMF is safe for the brain. So, a variety of intensities work for different problems.

Only Specific Waveforms are Helpful

Let’s understand how a magnetic field works before clearing this doubt.

A magnetic field signifies an electromagnetic signal, which depolarizes cells. So, instead of the type of waveform, the amount of charge it can produce is essential.

Sawtooth or rectangular impulses have steeper descending and ascending phases than sinus waves. This helps rectangular impulses to transfer a significant force.

While some waveforms may be efficient for producing charge, it is not exclusive.

Using a Specific Frequency is the Best Way

Well, the opposite of this claim is true. Various ranges of frequencies are seen to be effective for a wide range of health problems. Multiple frequencies are beneficial for multiple individual conditions.

Only Earth-Based Frequencies Are Beneficial

The Earth produces a vast range of frequencies. So, earth-based frequencies are not defined.

The ionosphere radiates frequencies ranging between 1 – 100 Hz. Besides, frequencies are also emitted by the rays of the sun, the natural materials, and those entering the polar regions from space.

Treatment Time is Restricted to 8 Minutes

While various magnetic systems recommend eight minutes of treatment, there is no solid evidence for the same. Studies show that different treatment times have their own benefit. All in all, it is challenging to define optimal treatment time

There is A Limit as To How Frequent One Can Take PEMF

While many recommend a maximum of one session of PEMF a day, this may be associated with the limitations of the PEMF system.

As with other treatment types, the frequency of PEMF depends on the conditions. So, one may need to take PEMF more frequent and more prolonged, especially when starting to use PEMF.

Once results are seen, the frequency of the treatment may be stretched. After this, only periodic maintenance may be required.

The duration and frequency of PEMF depend on the individual and the underlying problem. It is best to seek professional guidance to find out the ideal frequency for you.

All PEMF Systems Are the Same

It is seen that many deduce result from a single study or studies on individual PEMF system and apply to all PEMF systems.

However, this is not true. Different studies analyze the effect of PEMF with different intensities, conditions, signals, and actions.

It is true that the action of many PEMF signals is the same, but they are not equivalent. A professional will decide a specific signal that suits best for a specific circumstance.

The research on the use of PEMF is extensive, but there is no specific set of circumstances that are applicable for everyone.

Only One Type of PEMF System Can Improve Blood Circulation

This is not true at all. All PEMF systems can boost your blood circulation.

Even a local PEMF stimulator can enhance circulation by its action on the chemical components of the blood and nervous system.

It is true that some manufacturers have studied the effect of their PEMF systems on circulation and document them. But this doesn’t mean that it is other devices won’t have this benefit.

Besides, improved circulation is one aspect of PEMF action, and other benefits and actions should also be considered before deciding the ideal option for an individual.

PEMF Should Not be Combined with Other Therapies

Some experts of other modalities may feel that one should not combine PEMF with their treatment. However, this is not the case. Studies show that PEMF can significantly enhance the benefits of other treatment modalities.

So, a combination of treatment modalities have a better outcome than using one alone. Different treatment approaches to act on your body uniquely.

Besides, health problems usually have different components, and a specific treatment approach may be helpful for a particular problem.

For instance, PEMF can significantly improve the pain aspect of various health conditions, improving the patient’s quality of life.

So, it is best to treat a condition or a problem with multiple treatment therapies. PEMF can be combined with medications, physical therapy, or nutrition for relief.

Only A Single PEMF Signal Works for A Given Problem

Research suggests that variations in the frequency, parameters, or intensity are beneficial even in cases where a particular signal is seen to be highly effective.

So, no one size fits all when it comes to the effectiveness of PEMF signal for a given condition. For the same reason, an ideal PEMF signal for a condition is different for everyone suffering from that disease.

Ideally, the PEMF signal for an individual differs based on the given circumstance.

PEMF is Not Advisable for Cancer Patients

While PEMF alone cannot help manage cancer, it may help various aspects of the condition. Studies show that PEMF is effective as adjunctive therapy in cancer treatment.

Individuals receiving PEMF before cancer diagnosis have better benefits and lesser side effects of conventional therapies for cancer management.

PEMFs are Harmful to Health

The opposite of the above claim is true. Sometimes people believe this by comparing the effect of PEMF with environmental EMFs.

The use of PEMF dates back more than 50 years, and millions of people are getting health benefits from its use.

One common concern in this space is PEMF increasing the risk of cancer. However, as discussed before, PEMF is seen to be beneficial for cancer treatment.

Moreover, environmental EMF from microwaves, phones, and Wi-Fi radiate different frequencies. Therapeutic PEMFs have a lower frequency, below 1000 Hz.

Environmental frequencies of the mentioned appliances may result in inflammation and thus are harmful. But therapeutic PEMFs are extensively studied are safe for use in most individuals.

Furthermore, side effects of PEMFs are rare and mild and include burns at the application site.

Other Treatment Approaches Such as Acupuncture and Electrical Stimulation Are Superior to PEMF

Approaches such as electrical stimulation (ESTIM) and acupuncture have been available longer than PEMFs. So, clinicians have more familiarity with them.

ESTIM is mainly used to stimulate muscle contractions. Pros of using it involve lesser cost, being able to use in personal and professional settings, and being able to directly apply current to the body.

However, a significant downside is the inability to penetrate deeper. For deeper penetration, usually, invasive techniques are required, such as the brain or spinal cord.

Moreover, ESTIM is uncomfortable or painful as it needs direct application on the skin or tissue.

PEMFs do not have these downsides. PEMF can be given without exposing the skin or body to direct electric currents. There is no sensation while using PEMF most of the time.

The best part is that PEMF can go through your skin and organs without being blocked or absorbed. This allows deeper penetration of PEMF.

Talking about acupuncture, there is no doubt its efficacy. But there is no evidence that either treatment option is better than the other.

It is seen that PEMFs combined with acupuncture have a better result than using them alone.

If A PEMF System is Not FDA Approved, It Is Not Beneficial

The FDA approval is based on effectiveness and safety. A company or anyone manufacturing a device needs to follow specific indications to get FAD approval. A massive chunk of money may also be required for obtaining FDA approval.

So, this may stop all manufacturers from getting FDA approval. Usually, companies seek FDA approval for specific use.

PEMF can be used for various problems, and it could be challenging to get approval as PEMF has multiple applications. All this can be a barrier in using a potential treatment that is safe, diverse, unique, and effective.

So, it is not necessary that A PEMF machine that is not FDA approved does not work.

The Use of PEMF with Crystal Is the Most Effective Way

Combining crystals with PEMF is becoming a popular opinion. As discussed before, multiple therapies, when used together, have better results than using them alone.

It is seen that most crystals used with PEMF have a low magnetic field intensity. So, the combination of PEMF and crystal can be effective for maintaining health.

They may not be beneficial in serious problems where low intensity does not help much such as vascular disease, neurological disorders, arthritis, cardiac conditions, and bone diseases.

The benefits of using crystals with PEMF are not evident for their impact on aging. Higher frequencies penetrate deeper, having a better effect against aging than those applied cosmetically or superficially.

Lastly, doing exercises on your PEMF mats (with or without crystals) has limited effectiveness. This is because when your body is farther from the crystal or magnetic field, there is a loss of intensity.

All PEMF Machines Have the Same Effectiveness

Many people try and select a PEMF machine based on the cost. They believe that less expensive PEMF machines have the same effectiveness. However, thorough research about a type of PEMF machine is required to understand the benefits.

Usually, the higher the intensity of the PEMF machine, the more significant is the application, both in field intensity and area, higher is the cost.

Inexpensive PEMF machines are more likely to have low magnetic intensities and are helpful for local applications. Moreover, they may also be less durable and not user-friendly.

So, while deciding the ideal PEMF machine, cost shouldn’t be the deciding factor as different devices may work differently.

Understand the condition you are going to use it for, and see the features accordingly.

Magnetic Fields Are Not Beneficial for Medical Conditions

Many medical experts may not believe in the concept that a magnetic field may help manage health problems. This is usually the case as they are familiar with permanent or static magnets, which are not dynamic and thus are not expected to impact any tissues.

Besides, many people also believe that magnets can impact other magnets and metals and not tissue.

This is a misconception. All your body cells and tissues have minerals and charge. All magnetic fields interact with charge and minerals, even when they are present in a tissue.

Research has shown that PEMF can penetrate your tissues and align them to their natural state, boosting and maintaining health.

Benefits of Magnets and PEMF are Same

As mentioned before, static magnets and PEMF work differently.

Because of their mechanism of action, magnets can be helpful, but only for managing superficial tissue problems or triggering acupuncture points.

PEMF has a wider range of applications and is also effective against problems that are deeply seated.

Low-Intensity PEMF is Not Effective

While lower intensity PEMFs (below five gausses) are not significantly effective, many people are seen to benefit from them.

Low-intensity frequencies are effective in maintaining health and also for people that are sensitive to EMF.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to buy a PEMF machine or have doubts about its functioning, it is best to get information from authoritative sites. We hope this list will help clear some of your PEMF-related doubts.

You can visit here to know more about PEMF.