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PEMF Therapy for cancer

PEMF therapy for cancer

In fact, the use of mild electrical magnetic currents for health benefits has been a common practice in Europe since the eighties. PEMF therapy can be used to treat a variety of ailments, from depression to bone injuries. Unfortunately, the scientific study of PEMF therapy has been rather minimal when it comes to treating cancers.

However, it’s come to light in the last decade or so that in addition to treating fractures and mental illness, PEMF therapy can also be extremely helpful for more serious physical health conditions such as cancer according to newer studies.

In particular, studies have found that PEMF stimulation, "has already been used in the context of various cancer types including skin, breast, prostate, hepatocellular, lung, ovarian, pancreatic, bladder, thyroid, and colon cancer in vitro and in vivo." 

So what can PEMF therapy really do for cancer treatment? Let's explore.


Is It Actually Possible to Cure Cancer in 2023?

Unfortunately, there is currently no “cure” for cancer in the way most may think. One can technically be cured of cancer, which simply means being cancer-free for five years after being diagnosed. But cancer is not an acute disease, meaning it can be chronic and lifelong, and possibly fatal in felt treatment.

While one's cancer cells can go into remission, there is always the chance of that cancer returning with more severity later in life. Because of this, cancer patients who are cancer-free need to make sure they take care of themselves and engage in regular testing.

It's sad to say, but many cancer patients do not experience remission or make it past the five-year mark.  A cure for cancer is desperately needed, but it's important for the medical community to take advantage of current treatments and increase their effectiveness at improving patient quality of life and the destruction of cancer cells.

PEMF therapy, according to several studies, can achieve both.

PEMF Therapy as a Cancer Treatment Enhancement

Because cancer is a very complex ailment, it's usually not effective enough to just use one form of treatment. Currently, the following treatments are used to aggressively fight cancer: 

  • Chemotherapy
  • Radiation therapy
  • Transplants
  • Immunotherapy
  • Hormone therapy
  • Targeted drug therapy
  • Cryoablation
  • Radiofrequency ablation
  • Surgery

The best cancer treatment is one that personally works for one’s body and type of cancer. PEMF therapy can be an excellent additional therapy to use along with the above treatments.

However, it's important to note that PEMF therapy is not a cure for cancer and is most effective when used in conjunction with other treatments, not alone. 

PEMF therapies have been found to provide a number of benefits to cancer patients, including circulation enhancement, accelerated growth of healthy non-cancerous cells,  breathing improvements, and pain relief. PEMF treatment has also been linked to bone regeneration, which could be helpful for bone cancer patients.

While there is some research available that seeks to discover whether or not electromagnetic waves can destroy cancer cells, there currently isn't quite enough evidence to support that hypothesis, though the scientific and medical worlds are paying more attention to PEMF therapy now. 

Still, the use of PEMF therapy as an additional aid for other cancer treatments is far from mildly effective. To be fair, PEMF therapy could drastically improve the quality of life of cancer patients.

What Scientists Have Found About the Effectiveness of Supplementing PEMF Therapy with Cancer Treatments

We're going to establish the various ways that PEMF therapy can be used to treat cancer patients outside of directly fighting cancer cells, but it's important to note the research that has gone into alternative cancer treatments like PEMF therapy.

To start, one 2016 study on the effectiveness of pulsed electromagnetic field therapy in oncology sought to test the safety of PEMF therapy as well as its effectiveness at destroying cancer cells. The study found that PEMFs have an immunomodulatory effect, evidences by an increase in tumor necrosis factor alpha levels that induced an anti-tumor typ of response, "leading to the activation of a proapoptotic pathway induced by caspase‐8 interaction with Fas‐associated death domain, in the spleen of the murine melanoma mouse model after a 16‐day therapy 78.

Changes in blood pressure, skin electrical resistance, and pulse amplitude in 163 oncology patients exposed to tumor‐specific PEMF frequencies have also been reported suggesting that PEMF therapy does not only target neoplastic cells, but may also have systemic effects." 

A second study conducted in China in 2013 found similar results in terms of exposing patients with advanced malignant tumors to a magnetic field of 7 Hz for several hours a day for around two months.

"All of the 137 patients completed the low-frequency rotary magnetic field treatment," the abstract reads, "There were 28 cases with complete response, 54 cases with partial response, and the clinical benefit rate was 59.9%. The tumor type, initial KPS and QOL showed statistical significance in the clinical benefit rate (P < 0.05). The median overall survival was 12 months, and the 1-year, 2-year and 3-year survival rates were 47.0%, 11.8%, 3.4%, respectively. The tumor type, initial KPS and QOL were identified by univariate log-rank test as significant prognostic factors for overall survival (P < 0.05). Multivariate analysis showed that the initial QOL was an independent prognostic factors (P = 0.037) ."

There were virtually no complications during treatment, nor were there treatment-related deaths. The numbers may not seem substantial, but the average survival rate for patients with advanced forms of cancer is often very poor.

What the study proved was that PEMF therapy can extend the life of advanced cancer patients to a small degree, as well as improve their quality of life.

Other Ways That PEMF Therapy Can Be a Huge Benefit to Cancer Patients

While the research behind PEMF therapy as a cancer fighter needs more evidence and attention, there is more than ample evidence that PEMF therapy is a fantastic therapeutic tool for treating a lot of the major problems that occur along with a cancer diagnosis, such as pain, fatigue, immune system problems, and mental health issues.

Not only is PEMF therapy effective, but there are a variety of other reasons why one may find some benefit to using the therapy regularly throughout cancer treatment.

It isn’t an invasive surgery.

Surgery can be dangerous and riddled with complications. For some patients, there is just no way around surgery when it comes to treating cancer.

Because of this, PEMF therapy is a wonderful additional treatment to use that doesn't involve invasive surgeries or procedures. There are absolutely no invasive techniques that are involved in PEMF therapy and virtually anyone can enjoy the health benefits of this type of therapy.

It’s an excellent supplement that can be used alongside other supplements.

Rarely is cancer fought with one single treatment. Cancer treatments usually come as a treatment package. For example, one may have to go through chemotherapy treatments along with one or more surgeries to effectively fight their specific type of cancer.

PEMF therapy can be easily added to just about any cancer treatment plan and rarely does electromagnetic treatment interfere with common types of cancer treatment. PEMF therapy is not a cure for cancer, but it can be a fantastic complimentary therapy to add to a cancer treatment plan.

As always, discuss whether or not PEMF therapy would be safe for your specific cancer treatment plan.

It doesn’t suppress the immune system or cause toxicity.

Chemotherapy is one of the biggest treatments for cancer, but it has some serious negative side effects on the body. It kills cancer cells quite effectively, but it also kills healthy cells as well. Destroying healthy cells can wreak havoc on the immune system and make it harder to heal.

PEMF therapy oxygenates blood flow and rejuvenates healthy cells, all without potentially toxic side effects.

It is 100% safe to use.

We've said this quite a bit, but this is one of the biggest reasons why PEMF therapy is an excellent treatment for many different ailments, not just cancer.

There are virtually no side effects to pulse electromagnetic field therapy. Even patients who have pacemakers do not have to worry about possible side effects with PEMF therapy. In addition to its effectiveness at treatingy. 

It has additional health benefits outside of cancer therapy.

anti cancer

In addition to its effectiveness at treating cancer symptoms or cancer treatment symptoms, PEMF therapy can do quite a bit more. It can be used to slow or stop pain, reduce inflammation, increase blood flow, and establish healthy cell interaction.

PEMF therapy has also been found to assist with increasing energy and accelerating tissue healing. And you can use PEMf therapy virtually anywhere on the body with a handheld PEMF device, such as Sentient Element.

Can PEMF Therapy Be Used as the Sole Treatment for Cancer?

Unfortunately, because of what little we know about PEMF therapy as a treatment for cancer, it is not recommended to use PEMF therapy as the only means of treatment for cancer.

Rather, it should be used as a supplement to enhance the benefits of additional treatment. And it does an excellent job at just that.

Which Frequencies Are Effective for Cancer?

According to the 2013 Chinese study, a frequency of 7 Hz, 4,000 Gauss, for two hours a day for 30 to 50 days had a clinical benefit of 60%. 

A 2013 study found that frequencies between 20 and 50 Hz and intensities that ranged from 2 mT to 5 mT for 30 to 90 minutes per day were relatively effective at impairing cancer cells’ ability to survive. “We observed a discrete window of vulnerability of MCF7 cells to PEMFs of 20 Hz frequency, 3 mT magnitude and exposure duration of 60 minutes per day,” the abstract reads, “The cell damage accrued in response to PEMFs increased with time and gained significance after three days of consecutive daily exposure.

By contrast, the PEMFs parameters determined to be most cytotoxic to breast cancer MCF-7 cells were not damaging to normal MCF-10 cells.” The results of the frequencies are quite interesting, as they do not affect normal non-cancerous tissues.

Sentient Element Can Help You With Cancer Treatment

If you’re interested in changing your cancer treatment experience with PEMF therapy, Sentient Light is here to help.

Sentient Element’s top-tier PEMF device Sentient Element is one of the most powerful (and affordable) PEMF devices available. We believe that PEMF devices should be highly control-based and personalized. Because of this, the Sentient Element element comes complete with session, frequency, and time control.

This allows the Sentient Element device to be used for a variety of PEMF therapeutic needs, from cancer therapy at the above recommended frequency to treatments for pain or injuries at higher frequencies.

Sentient Element is the best PEMF device for treating cancer because it is very high intensity and supports all frequency ranges. Learn more about how Sentient Element could radically change your cancer treatment experience by taking a look at our product-feature page.

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