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Benefits of Sentient Element Dual Coil PEMF Device

Benefits of Sentient Element Dual Coil PEMF Device

Do Two Coils Work Better Than One Coil?

The shorter answer to the question is a YES. (Longer answer mentioned below).

And what is the reason for it?

Let’s understand!

Why Dual Coils Work Better?

Let’s have a brief understand of the coils to get an answer.

Almost everything in nature has a resistance to the electric current, or flow of electricity, through it.

Substances such as rubber or glass are so resistant that electricity can’t pass through them unless it’s in a significantly large amount.

These substances are known as insulators.

On the other hand, some substances allow easy passage of electric current through them, known as conductors.

However, curating a substance with “zero” resistance is challenging.

To understand how the resistance of coils, let’s do some math. (Don’t worry, it’s easy, we assure it!)

Resistance is measured in Ohm, and the formula for the same is:

R = V / I or V = IR

Where R is the resistance, V is the voltage, and I is the electrical current.

The voltage remains constant at a given volume and frequency.

Each coil has its set amount of resistance depending on the properties and type of the wire involved.

So, resistance is constant, but it’s possible to double by adding one more coil.

And according to the above formula, doubling the resistance reduces the current by half for the voltage to remain constant.

Overall, the overall system’s current is half because of the resistance from the two coils.

A little more math…

B = NI/2R where

B is the strength of the magnetic field, and N is the number of turns in a coil.

I is the current going through the coil in amperes, and R is the radius of the coil

The formula suggests that an increase in N and I will also increase B

Let’s calculate V using some numbers.

The resistance of a single coil is 0.8 ohms, and if assume the current to be 20 amperes

V = 20 * .8 = 16 volts

Now if we keep V constant at 16, what happens when we add the second coil:

16 = I * (.8 + .8)

I = 10 amperes

So, this the current from one half!

(But 0.8 is extremely low resistance and it needs to be at least one. So, to rectify it, we add 0.5 ohms of resistors)

16 = I * (.8 + .5) = 12.307 amperes for a single coil

16 = I * (.8 + .8 + .5) =7.619 amperes for double coil.

Now, when we consider the second formula B = NI/2R…

When we add the second coil, the N increases, resulting in a higher value of B.

This means…

Adding two coils close to each other produces a significantly stronger magnetic field than just a single coil.

Another major benefit:

The magnetic field is strongest in the center of an electromagnetic coil. Some may also call the center the sweet spot.

So, when two coils are stacked together, the sweet spot elongates. This sweet point will continue to stretch. This means when you use two coils on each side of your body, the sweet spot is in the core of your body, unlike on either side of the body when a single coil is used.

Other Benefits of Dual Coils

Here are some other benefits of using two coils:

Sharing is Caring

The first significant benefit of dual coils is that you can share it with someone with the same problem, where both of you can use single coils simultaneously.

You can share the session with someone else. You just need to remember to turn up the volume to compensate for the signal being shared by the two coils so that each coil has the same magnetic strength as a single coil would have in one coil therapy session. 

Say Yes to Blood Circulation with dual coils

How? Place one coil about a quarter of your height from your head and the other coil a quarter height from your feet, and that is it.

This placement of coils spreads the magnetic field in the entire body.

Works for two different issues at the same time

Diabetes and neuropathy together? No worries. With the dual coil system, you can heal both diseases together.

Though both the coils will be creating the same magnetic field, they will be healing two different diseases simultaneously. 

A Word about Sentient Element CLASSIC- Dual Coil Device

The Sentient Element is one of the few PEMF devices available in the market with advanced and robust technology to provide you with consistent healing.

It is portable, providing you with a choice between your desired frequencies and freedom to use whenever and wherever.