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PEMF Therapy for Weight Loss

PEMF therapy for weight loss

Can PEMF therapy help to lose weight naturally?

Obesity, otherwise called weight gain, is an upcoming epidemic issue that can turn out to be pandemic at any time. Here is the shocking statistical report on the obesity rate.

According to the WHO (2016) report, nearly 2 billion adults belong to the overweight group. 650 million people out of them are obese. If this scenario continues, 2.7 billion adults will belong to the overweight group. One billion people out of them will become obese by 2025.

Although there are several weight loss programs, they work only for a short duration. There are no instant fixes as well. Hence, people and researchers are still in search of the most effective treatment.

PEMFs are least utilized for weight loss. Hence, this article explains how PEMF can work well to fix your weight loss issues.

What are the available treatment options for obesity?

There are various available options to manage obesity that includes:

  • Prescription medications
  • Gastric balloon therapy
  • Bariatric surgery
  • Physical therapy and exercises
  • Diet management
  • Activity modifications

Consumption of medications for a prolonged duration may lead to varied side effects such as gastrointestinal problems, cardiovascular damage, and kidney damage. Hence, physicians do not recommend it for a long duration.

Surgery has a potential risk of developing complications that may trigger other health issues in your body.

When it comes to exercise, diet management, and activity modifications, it is very difficult to follow them strictly for a longer duration. Moreover, it takes time to lose weight. Even if you lose weight, you may soon regain it once you stop following the above steps.

Hence, it is worth exploring the natural effect of PEMF on obese patients.


Is it really possible to lose weight naturally? If so, how?

basal metabolic

This is the most common question everyone has in their minds. And the answer is yes. Before getting deep into this topic, let us first understand our body metabolism.

The basic principle to manage our weight is to burn calories. Our bodies perform many processes to regulate the burning and storage of fat, thereby managing our weight.

It is the metabolic rate that decides how sooner we can burn calories. Wondering when calories get burnt? They are burnt while doing routine activities, exercises, and at rest.

Heard about BMR (Basal metabolic rate) score? This score determines the number of calories burnt while at rest to regulate all your body functions.

Genetics has an impact on the number of calories burnt. However, factors like exercise, diet, and our routine activities can help in burning more calories.

Having a high metabolism can burn more calories during activities and even at rest.

What if your metabolism is basically low? You will then end up burning only very few calories. In that case, you should eat less and work out more to maintain a normal weight.

Moreover, this low and slow metabolism will put on extra weight quickly. Losing this extra weight becomes more difficult as well. So, you will be trapped from both ends.

Apart from gaining more weight, there is one more issue which many people experience.

At one point, you may even come across a significant improvement in overall weight loss by following the above-listed treatments.

However, there are certain common areas in our body such as the thigh, belly, hip, and chin where fat builds up. No matter whatever you do to reduce weight, fat deposits in these areas don’t budge. The major reason is the poor circulation in these areas that hold on to fat.

Remember that if the blood circulation is poor in specific areas, it will be very difficult to lose fat specifically from them.

Due to poor blood circulation, fatty acids released from the stored fats do not get disseminated into the bloodstream. Only when these fatty acids make it to the bloodstream, they can be burnt as energy. Instead, they get accumulated in various body parts.

The ultimate intention is to increase the blood flow in these specific fatty body parts. That’s where PEMF therapy gets into the picture.


How does PEMF therapy help to lose weight?

As the name suggests, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy uses less frequency electromagnetic field waves to lose weight.

Wondering how?

The therapist will apply this device at lesser frequencies (1-100 Hz) at low intensity of micro-Tesla on the entire body or at target areas. This application will continue for 30 minutes to several hours per day.

However, PEMF therapy was not recommended for pregnant females and patients carrying an implanted pacemaker are not advised to undergo PEMF therapy.

Unlike other treatments, PEMF knows the interconnection between metabolism, blood circulation, and weight loss.

Energy is the trigger factor for a proper cell function. What if that energy level comes down? The cells will cluster together and slow down the metabolism. This is where PEMF enters to stimulate the cells naturally and directly to derive more energy. By doing so, this energy level boosts the metabolism.

Furthermore, PEMF treatment helps in increasing the blood circulation to those stubborn areas where fat deposits accumulate. Hence, it will trigger the release of fatty acids from stored fats to disseminate into the bloodstream. Furthermore, they get processed as energy.

Wondering how PEMF can increase blood circulation? It is possible with the following three mechanisms:

PEMF therapy can increase nitric oxide levels. It will help in widening the blood vessels for better blood flow.

Didn’t we talk about cell cluster formation before? It will lead to poor circulation as well. This is where PEMF can break up those cell clusters to promote the separation of red blood cells. By doing so, a single red blood cell can pass through the blood capillaries at a time thereby improving circulation.

PEMF therapy can reduce the density of water to help in fat emulsification. Hence, fat gets broken into small molecules so that they can pass through the bloodstream easily. Only then, these molecules can be burnt as energy.


Is there any research evidence that supports the positive effect of PEMF on weight loss?

Yes. An observational study on obese patients recommended that transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) can help in reducing cravings to promote weight loss.

In a research study, high-intensity TMS help in losing nearly 10 pounds in 5 weeks. Even the craving gets reduced by 34 percent, compared to the sham group. At the end of 9 weeks, this high-intensity TMS group had lost 3.2% of their initial weight. Hence, TMS beyond 9 weeks can promote more weight loss.

There is another research on the effect of TMS on the bacterial balance in the gut. There will be a proper balance between beneficial to harmful bacteria. By keeping it off, the message carried to the brain about craving and appetite can be changed which may help in weight loss. This is where PEMF can help in changing the bacterial balance.


Should you continue with the changes in lifestyle while undergoing PEMF therapy for obesity?

Yes. Changes in lifestyle include changes in both diet and performing regular exercise. There are no adverse side effects while following these lifestyle interventions.

As mentioned already, weight loss is impossible overnight. Similarly, there are no instant weight loss solutions. However, PEMF therapy can accelerate the weight loss process if combined with lifestyle interventions.

Even a 2019 research study reported that the combination of PEMF and lifestyle interventions can really do wonders in fighting obesity and promoting weight loss. People who undergo PEMF therapy have consultations with both physical trainers and nutritionists every two weeks.


Are there any added benefits for PEMF therapy apart from weight loss?

Unlike other treatments, PEMF therapy directly targets the cells. Hence, you will experience many benefits apart from weight loss.

Thyroid hormonal imbalance can trigger obesity. Additionally, it may cause fatigue and mood issues. In such cases, PEMF therapy can regulate your metabolism including thyroid function.

During weight gain, there will be an increase in the level of toxins in your body. In that case, PEMF therapy helps to remove toxic wastes, thereby improving bowel function and burning cellulite. These processes will lead to significant weight loss.

Do you undergo excess stress which leads to poor sleep patterns? Remember that excess stress and poor sleep can trigger your weight gain. In such cases. PEMF therapy helps in promoting more sleep by reducing stress levels.

People suffering from chronic joint pain do not usually opt for regular exercises which may lead to weight gain. In that case, PEMF naturally promotes your healing mechanism. By doing so, your body will heal naturally from injuries and boost more energy. So, you can exercise regularly to lose weight.


Summing Up

There are lot many benefits and reasons to try PEMF therapy. You don’t have to always depend on the chiropractor to undergo PEMF therapy.

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