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What is MedBed Technology?


MedBed Technology and types of MedBed

Heard about Med-Beds? – Here’s everything you should know! 

Don’t you or your loved ones deserve a high level of comfort especially while returning from a painful hospital stay? Imagine a bed that offers natural and long-lasting health benefits through an extensive level of relaxation! That’s Med-bed which works on the principle of quantum healing.

Curious to know about med-bed and quantum healing technology? Continue reading this article which will shed light on this cutting-edge futuristic technology. 

MedBeds not available yet. But the next best thing is PEMF.


What is Med-bed?

A med-bed is an easily accessible, portable, and user-friendly bed that helps patients feel healthy and comfortable without any pain for a prolonged duration. It is specifically designed for elderly patients with their needs in mind.


PEMF is the heart of the MedBed technology

Many celebrities and athletes use PEMF as part of their wellness routine. They include Shaquille O’Neal, Terrell Owens, Lance Armstrong, Muhammad Ali, Roger Moore and Biohackers, Anti-aging clinics and many more.

There are currently over 20,000 evaluations and research demonstrating the advantages of PEMF. In essence, PEMF therapy replicates and amplifies the earth's natural magnetic field and its natural frequencies in response to the Earth Field Collapse.

By increasing ATP, breaking up blood clots, supplying the body with bio-photons, and opening cell walls to allow for the elimination of waste and the ingestion of nutritional ions across cell membranes, PEMF promotes healing and re-energizes your cells. concentrating on the cellular level causes of practically all diseases.

According to NASA, the natural magnetic fields of the earth are essential to life. According to studies, the earth's magnetic field and frequencies are necessary for astronauts' immune systems and bone formation. For this reason, PEMF equipment is installed on the International Space Station.

PEMF therapy has received FDA approval for the treatment of depression and other neurological disorders as well as bone regeneration, pain, headaches, sports medicine, post-surgery, physical therapy, and brain cancer.

As we all know, most health ailments arise due to the lack of proper nutrition, exercise, and adequate sleeping. Fixing all these shortfalls can only ensure healthy longevity. That’s where med-bed play a vital role by offering complete restorative sleep with utmost relaxation.


How Med-bed works?

Here is the concept of med-bed. There are varied healing properties of the med-bed technology. Several med-beds offer mental telepathy ability, others provide energy healing properties, and the remaining perform quantum healing. These healing properties are naturally present in med-beds.

For example, few med-beds have built-in speakers where the patient can listen to music while sleeping. Several other med-beds involve harmonic egg technology to stimulate both conscious and subconscious minds using harmonic tones of songs.

Although quantum healing technology is a novel concept, it dates back to the 1950s. It promotes healing through quantum means like radiation, vibrations, sound waves, or thought waves.

Quantum therapy med-beds also involves 3D scanners, refracting lens, and lasers to open and close wounds. Their monitoring technology keeps your physicians informed about your diagnostic as well as repair sessions via minimal invasion through light particles and plasma energy.

That’s how healing takes place through homeopathic frequency realignment with lesser to nil side effects.

There are various models of med-beds made from cutting-edge materials like diamond microspheres, spondylolipid, and carbon nanotubes. Several models are electronic and use a light source; while others are manual that require assistance.


Types of Med-beds


1.Holographic Med-bed

The Holographic Med-bed involves limited and advanced artificial intelligence along with the aid of a physician to ensure complete healing. This med-bed is equipped with see-through and air-tight operating shields, laser mirrors, comfortable limb rests, computer-controlled surgical arms, vitals diagnosis, display, and analysis.

This Holographic Med-bed resembles an MRI machine without magnetic and radiation. With holographic med-bed, it is possible to perform accurate live scans of the entire body to diagnose and treat illnesses within a short duration.

Furthermore, Holographic Med-bed helps to diagnose and interpret neurological, skin, blood, DNA, organs, bones, muscles, glands, as well as hormonal deficiencies. It can also correct hereditary markers that lead to varied predisposed diseases.

Last, but not least, this med-bed helps in performing any surgeries through laser.

2.Regeneration Med-bed

Next comes the regeneration med-bed which uses resonance fields to regenerate missing organs and older tissues. So, it benefits those who need organ transplantation, skin grafting, and reconstruction of severed or missing limbs.

3.Rejuvenation and Regression bed

The third type is the rejuvenation and regression bed. This med-bed offers memory and age regression therapy. It revives cells and heals your senses that include sound, taste, and sight that has become weak through aging or trauma.

People having post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic memory issues can benefit from this med-bed technology. This technology can revive your youth by reversing your body’s internal clock. Further, it can return your tightened skin and muscle tone without any pain.


Benefits of Med-beds

Detoxification, anti-aging, cellular regeneration, and healing. All these four activities are possible by using med-beds. Along with these functions, med-bed can manage conditions such as baby care, childbirth, sleep issues, diabetes, arthritis, respiratory issues, coronary issues, dementia, and palliative care.

It’s not hyped if we mention that med beds could be the right destination for proper health and wellness. So mind-blowing are these technologies that can literally revive the missing DNA, RNA, cells, ligaments, bones, muscles, organs, and systems within a few hours. No more scars or ailments due to a complete repair within hours.


The future of Med-beds

No doubt, this world is about to take a gigantic transformation into the new age of natural healing technology. At some point in the future, even hospitals will be equipped with quantum healing technology to promote a better quality of life. You will soon find med-beds to another level like something from a sci-fi movie. Sounds exciting?