PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy: The "Magical" Healing Powers of the Square Wave Signal!
PEMF and Regeneration
PEMF Therapy (Best Overview) - from "Beat the Curve" by Brian Tracy
Bioelectricity, Morphology, & Electroceuticals | Electricity of Life
Amazing Resonance Experiment!
They call them “THE HOLY FREQUENCIES” SACRED KNOWLEDGE Of Ancient Solfeggio Scale
CYMATICS- Science Vs. Music - Nigel Stanford

PEMF Viruses

PEMF & Viruses With Larry Langdon LIVE Q&A
Viruses/5G/Frequencies With Peter Webb - LIVE Q&A


PEMF, Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19 Part 1
PEMF, Electroporation and Covid-19 Part 2
PEMF, Electroporation and Covid-19 Part 3
PEMF, Zinc, Covid-19 and Chioroquine

Lymeand PEMF Webinar

PEMF, Hydroxychloroquine and Covid-19 Part 1


Try our PEMF machine for wellness
PEMF Therapy works!
How the PEMF Element came to be
AmpCoil vs Element (PEMF devices)
Element vs AmpCoil (PEMF devices)
Larry's amazing recovery from Lyme disease!
Sentient Element Product Promo
Robert's Demo/Testimonial
Proof that Frequencies Debilitate Pathogens
Sentient Element Unboxed

Frex 16 Frex 16

Adjusting Power with Frex16
Frex16 Tutorial - Part 1
Frex16 Tutorial - Part 2
Frex16 Tutorial - Part 3

Getting Started with SENTIENT ELEMENT

Audio Function Generator Tutorial
Setup, Run and Placement of Coil
Function Generator App Tips
Sentient Element Precautions
Sentient Element Meters