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The story of the Sentient ELEMENT really starts back in the spring of 1990 with a fellow named Doug MacLean. Doug was the first person ever to experiment with electromagnetic frequencies as a method to combat Lyme Disease. He invented the first modern Rife machine used to fight Lyme, known today as the Doug Machine, or Doug Coil. He used his invention to treat his own case of chronic Lyme Disease, and it eliminated his symptoms. As of 2007 (the last year I can find any information about him), Doug was symptom free, and had not used antibiotics in over 15 years. All of the modern information about, and interest in, rife technology as a treatment for Lyme Disease can be traced back to Doug’s experiments and experiences. In this way, Doug can be thought of as the “founding father” of Rife technology as used to fight Lyme Disease. Doug has never made a penny from sharing what he knows about Rife technology…he has made this information available as a free service to the Lyme Disease community.

Then, in 2000 a guy named Larry Langdon was bit by a tick while hiking in the Cascade foothills just East of Seattle. By 2002, Larry had gone through the typical progression of Lyme and suffered the ignorance of the disease within the medical community. After losing his career as an electrical engineer, his home, his family and friends, in 2010 he was able to find an LLMD who properly tested him for Lyme, including DNA tests, and found he had 12 co-infections. He was put on an antibiotic regimen and did see some improvement until 2012 but soon after lost ground and got worse to the point of almost dying as the spirochetes became antibiotic resistant.

At this point Larry was desperately searching the Internet for a cure of which maybe did not exist. However, he found that non-conventional energy medicine along with special diets had the most success because the body wants to heal itself. This is when he discovered non-invasive “Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field” (PEMF) therapy where the lower sound range frequencies could debilitate many of these zoonotic (animal to human) pathogens. Many serendipitous events occurred around that time including being invited by a good friend to attend an exclusive seminar on food science and nutrition, and energy medicine. One of the machines that performed a sweep through several Lyme Frequencies caused him to have a painful upset at certain frequencies. He wrote them down and after returning home (and because of having a BSEE) he developed his own PEMF coiling device based on the Doug Coil design. Were it not for the work of Doug MacLean, Larry would probably not be with us today.

In Larry’s own words, “As a fellow Lymie and having developed hardware and software and proved it on myself, I have decided to give back my empirical findings and experience to the many people that are not operating at their full 100% abilities. It is fundamental to help the sick and I have found a non-invasive way to help people read what their own body is shouting out to them by using new technologies. I hope to give back to the sick and debilitated people that have these heinous zoonotic diseases acquired from tick bites or from other environmental modalities.”

Our story brings us now to around 2014 when Larry, in his efforts to “give back” was introduced to Aaron Bigelow in an online Lyme support group. Larry “gave back” by building a PEMF machine at cost for Aaron, personally drove it from Hayden Idaho to the bay area in California to deliver it to Aaron and instruct him on using it. Aaron soon found relief from his Lyme and as a marketer encouraged Larry to further develop and refine the machine (the one delivered to Aaron was a bit crude) such that they could sell machines to other Lyme sufferers. Larry did just that and AmpCoil was born. If it had not been for Doug MacLean, there would be no Larry Langdon. If it had not been for Larry Langdon, there would be no AmpCoil. The first dozen or so ampcoil machines were personally built by Larry in his apartment living room.

In late 2015 Larry realized he had to find a way to get the AmpCoil machines manufactured in a more professional way than one at time and put it out to his network. Soon after, Larry was introduced to Bob Bridges through a mutual friend. Bob had a successful manufacturing company that made audio products so it was a good fit since PEMF machines are basically audio amplifiers. It was also a good fit because Bob had been seeking a project to be involve with that actually benefited people rather than just giving them pleasure. There’s nothing wrong with pleasure mind you, but his spiritual side longed for more. Bob dedicated himself to the work and further refined the design for manufacturing efficiency, established better vendors, and put the AmpCoil into production.

By the spring of 2016, is became clear to both Larry and Bob that Aaron was all about making as much money as possible. He had inched the price of the AmpCoil up past $5000 (now almost $8000 for a machine that has 60% less power than the original). This is not to say that a business shouldn’t improve the bottom line when they can…that’s the free market system after all…it’s just that it was contrary to the desires of both Larry and Bob (and in the spirit of Doug MacLean) to “give back”. By midspring, Aaron had taken Larry and Bob’s work to another fabricator leaving them high and dry, and wondering just what the heck had happened.

What wasn’t taken from them was their drive. Larry and Bob had both been at the top of their game and successful in business, and both had suffered devastating loses in their lives. They knew what it was like to be at the top, but more forming of their character, they experienced being at the bottom. Both had lost, at one time or another, their careers, their homes, and most of their friends, but both had come away from tragedy with a drive to help others. So, Larry and Bob decided to join their companies forces and started over even though they had no funding for the project. They spent nearly the next year further developing the PEMF machine out of their own pockets, putting together a business plan that would be a cooperative effort of Larry’s company (Sentient Light) and Bob’s company (Tiverton Audio) and by pre-selling 15 machines to people who had faith in them, launched a build of initial units in early 2017. They named the new PEMF machine the Sentient ELEMENT. Fitting because it is one element of a path to wellness, it is the element they would use to give back, and much like an element, it is a solid basic machine that simply works. Although driven by the desire to help Lyme sufferers, the Sentient ELEMENT has also been found to be helpful for all kinds of maladies as well as for general health improvement. I, myself, have been able to get completely off opiates (taken for over a year due to a severe back injury) because of the pain relief and nerve repair afforded me by using the Sentient ELEMENT. Likewise, as a diabetic, I have been able to reduce my intake of insulin, lower my blood sugar numbers to near normal levels, and relieve my neuropathy by “coiling”.

Thank you, Doug MacLean, for experimenting and sharing your work. Thank you, Larry Landon, for using Doug’s work to advance the technology forward so that everyone could benefit from it. Thank you, Bob Bridges, for coming into the picture at the right time, with the right dedication, and the right set of skills. It is because of all of your desires to give to society that the Sentient ELEMENT exists today at a price one third of what it would be under “normal” business practices. I have no doubt that I would still be suffering today had these men not gone through what they did yet retained the drive to help others. I also have no doubt that if they had gone with a more standard business model selling the Sentient ELEMENT primarily to make money I would still be suffering because I simply could not have afforded getting one.