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How to entrain your brain with PEMF therapy?

brain with PEMF therapy

By developing a series of neuro-protocols, it is possible to entrain your brain into the preferred area of brain activity. These neuro-programs include Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta, and Gamma waves at varied frequencies and intensities.  An auto-sequence is enabled with each protocol.

  • Want to entrain your brain to concentrate deeply? Use the Beta or Gamma setting.
  • Want to achieve a creative or meditative state? Use the Alpha setting
  • Want to induce a restorative sleep state? Use the Delta and Theta settings.

Simply put, there are seven sleep programs at varied intensities to entrain your brain through varied brainwaves from Beta to Delta. Let’s see how PEMF helps!


How does your brain work?

Our brain is a bio-electric system that works through complex electric signals known as brain waves. These electric signals emitted by the brain are measured in cycles (or pulses) per second by an electroencephalogram (EEG). Hence, it is known as Hertz (Hz).

The digital EEG can identify five types of brain waves:

  • Delta
  • Theta
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Gamma

The Delta, Theta, and Alpha waves remain in the subconscious mind. The remaining Beta and Gamma waves stay in the conscious mind.



Types of Brain waves

  • Delta is the phase of deep sleep where healing occurs. Its brain waves occur between 1Hz and 4Hz. In this phase, dreams make no sense as it is considered to be detached awareness. This is the predominant phase among infants where human growth hormone is released. This phase includes 0 to 10 thoughts per minute.
  • Theta is the phase of intuition, deep meditation, light sleep, dreams, hallucination, and rapid eye movement (REM) that occur between 4Hz and 7Hz. This phase occurs as we feel drowsy and we get into the daydreams and fantasy world. This is the predominant phase between the age of 1 and 3. This stage is driven by emotion and works as the creative state of our unconscious mind. This phase includes 15 thoughts per minute, where our memories and experiences are stored and recorded.
  • Alpha is the phase of creativity and relaxation that occurs between 7Hz and 14Hz. For adults, the range is typically between 9.5Hz and 12Hz. This stage can be entered by engaging in non-visual thinking or closing the eyes and relaxing. This is where we visualize in pictures. As we stay aware, it is possible to read faster, memorize, solve problems, and learn languages. This phase includes 30 thoughts per minute which work as the gateway to our subconscious mind.
  • Beta is the phase of concentration that occurs between 14Hz and 34Hz. This phase occurs when you are awake by keeping your eyes open. It also includes mental activities like making or thinking calculations that highlight our actively engaged mind. In this stage, our brain’s nerve cells emit signals quickly so that we remain aware, awake, alert, and concentrate. This phase covers most of the day time where we think logically, tackle external stimuli, and solve problems. It includes 60 thoughts or higher per minute in this stage.
  • Gamma is the phase of maximum problem solving that covers over 35Hz. These waves are emitted when you are at the peak of your concentration level. This phase can help you remain highly engaged and enhance your problem-solving skills.


What is the significance of balancing the brain waves?

All the above-listed five brain waves usually generate at various times during the day. All of them have their specific role to play and no one is better than the other. However, the problem arises when it is difficult to shift from one phase to another.

For instance, smartphone can distract your concentration and could affect your creativity. It has the ability to make our minds reactive and not creative. Hence, you may have difficulty remaining in the alpha state or getting back to it.

Similarly, you may be unable to reach the Delta state for healing and regeneration purposes.

Let us go through the sleep cycle:

When we go to bed and read any book before falling asleep, we will be in the low Beta phase. Once you turn off the light and are about to sleep by closing your eyes, your brainwaves descend from Beta, to Alpha, followed by the Theta phase. Finally, when you reach the Delta phase, you will fall asleep.

In case there occurs any problem in any of these phases, you will get insomnia (a common sleep disorder where you are unable to sleep).

Hence, it is important to balance all these brain waves to lead a healthy life.


How did we entrain brainwaves traditionally?

All these years, our brains could be entrained into a specific phase by using external stimuli like sound and light.

For example, a strobe light is used to entrain a person with epilepsy. As it resonates at the frequency equivalent to the seizure, this strobe light can entrain your brain and induce a seizure.


Can PEMF help to entrain your brainwaves?

The quick answer is yes. PEMF (Pulsating Electromagnetic Field) waves can directly penetrate your brain and entrain the brainwaves. There is research evidence to support this work.


Key Takeaway

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