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PEMF Therapy for Lyme disease

pemf therapy for lyme disease


Key facts


Overview of Lyme disease

Lyme disease is one of the infections that is rapidly becoming an epidemic. The disease is caused by black-legged ticks carrying the bacterium Borrelia burgdorferi, which is prevalent across the United States.

These ticks are highly prevalent in the eastern and northern Midwest regions of the US. Lyme disease has also been found in Europe and south central and southeastern Canada.

Each year, more than 30,000 cases of Lyme disease are reported to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US. This number, however, does not include every case of Lyme disease diagnosed, as many cases of acute Lyme disease are missed and become chronic.

According to recent estimates, the number of patients diagnosed and treated for the disease each year is around 476,000.


How do you get Lyme disease?

Once infected, the bacteria enter your bloodstream and affect different parts of your body. Initially, the disease shows flu-like symptoms and goes unnoticed until severe symptoms arise. When the condition becomes chronic and reaches the advanced stage, the bacteria affect multiple systems, including the skin, joints, and the nervous system, and moves to organs later.

PEMF for lyme disease

The majority of patients with PTLDS recover with time, but it can take months or years. A very common problem with chronic Lyme disease, or PTLDS, is excruciating pain.

Many patients with Lyme disease become dependent on narcotics to control their pain. Unfortunately, narcotics can be harmful and cause immunosuppression if used for a long period, in addition to the risk of addiction.

Thus, you may want to consider something that can relieve your symptoms without causing side effects and can restore the damage to your body.


What is PEMF therapy?


How does PEMF therapy work?

The human body is complex and made up of trillions of cells. The cells carry out specialized functions for the body by taking nutrients from food and converting them into energy.

This energy is then used by the tissues and organs for their functions. Thus, to maintain good health, cells must perform their jobs. Each cell needs −25 mV of energy to work properly and −50 mV to regenerate. When we suffer from illness, the cell voltage drops to −15 mV or below.

When the voltage in our cells decreases below that threshold, they are unable to repair themselves and become dysfunctional. This is where PEMF therapy comes into the picture.

PEMF therapy functions like a cell battery charger. It stimulates injured cells with a mild electromagnetic current, delays or prevents the release of pain and inflammatory mediators, enhances cell blood flow, and restores normal cell interaction.

When inflammation decreases, the pain reduces, energy increases, and tissue healing occurs faster.


Benefits of PEMF therapy

PEMFs can:


How does PEMF therapy help with Lyme disease?


Improves the blood flow in blood vessels by increasing circulation


Effective in treating chronic pain


Alleviates the bone and joint issues associated with Lyme disease


Effective for Neuroborreliosis, Lyme disease of the brain


Improves oxygenation of cells and destroys hidden bacteria


Effective in treating Lyme coinfections

PEMF therapy not only helps to alleviate symptoms of Lyme disease but also attacks different forms of the Lyme organism that remain hidden in cells, undetected by the normal immune system. These hidden forms of organisms are usually unaffected by antibiotic treatment.

As PEMF affects cell activity, it opens cell membrane channels, letting nutrients enter the cell more easily and aiding the cell's waste elimination. Thus, PEMF balances the cell membrane energy, making them healthier and more resistant to hidden forms of these organisms.

When chronic Lyme disease affects the central nervous system (the brain and spinal cord), it becomes challenging to treat. Many medical treatments and supplements fail to reach the hidden organisms in brain tissue because they cannot cross the blood-brain barrier.

Moreover, PEMF therapy allows your cells to perform in their most natural and optimal states. This lets your entire body function at its best and helps you live a healthier life altogether.


Why is Sentient Element the Best PEMF device for Lyme disease?


Helps beat chronic lyme naturally


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Dual coil for more power.

1. Frequency range: A good PEMF device has a wide range of frequencies that can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Sentient Element is featured in MedicalNewsToday as the PEMF device with the best frequency ranges.

2. Intensity: The intensity of the magnetic field produced by a PEMF device can affect the treatment's effectiveness.

Sentient Element is the most powerful PEMF machine in today’s market, with an intensity of 350 continuous gauss. You need the power to debilitate the pathogens that are ruining your health. It produces a powerful magnetic field that can penetrate the entire body and cover larger areas.

Improve your chronic Lyme disease symptoms and overall health, reduce pain and inflammation, and enhance your body's natural healing abilities.