Organic Crockpot Thai Green Curry Chicken


·      1 1/2 cans organiccoconut milk

·      3 tablespoons organic green curry paste

·      4 organic garlic cloves (minced)

·      2 1/2 pounds organic chicken breast (cut into smaller chunks)

·      1 bag organic fresh vegetables (stir fry, or your own combo)

·      1 can organic corn (baby mini, drained)

·      1 organic red onion (sliced)

·      2 tablespoons organic Arrowroot



In the bottom of the crockpot, whisk together the coconut milk, green curry paste and garlic.

Add in the chicken, vegetables, baby corn, and onion. Note: If you want your vegetables crunchier, just add the onion at this step and add the remaining vegetables in step four.

Cook for 4 hours.

Whisk together the Arrowroot and 2 tbsp water. Add to the crockpot and cook for another 30 minutes or until the curry thickens up.