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How to use the Sentient ELEMENT

With the ELEMENT, you use a remote device, such as a tablet, to input a frequency, or frequencies, from a wide variety of programs and apps available online. The ELEMENT is one of the most powerful PEMF devices on the market allowing you to choose from long, low intensity sessions to short, deep penetrating high intensity sessions, or anything in between.

Duration for each frequency in your PEMF session

This article goes out to Katie, who asked the question of how long each frequency should be in duration for a PEMF session. Others have been bantering it about too, and there seems to be no “general consensus”, at least that I can find or any other writer sights, that can be used as a “go to” source for this information.


The story of the Sentient ELEMENT really starts back in the spring of 1990 with a fellow named Doug MacLean. Doug was the first person ever to experiment with electromagnetic frequencies as a method to combat Lyme Disease. He invented the first modern Rife machine used to fight Lyme, known today as the Doug Machine, or Doug Coil. He used his invention to treat his own case of chronic Lyme Disease, and it eliminated his symptoms. As of 2007 (the last year I can find any information about him), Doug was symptom free,

What is the right PEMF machine for me?

There are a few factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the PEMF machine that is right for you. When considering different machines, you need to look at it as a complete system; the chassis or electronic part